Uranus Pluto Square and Another Eclipse

Another transition

Another transition

Yes Another *#&*%  Growth Experience!

May  20th marks the third Pluto Uranus Square  of 7 . Old structures are falling away new ones  are waiting to be born. The call for freedom and independence (Aries one arm of the square) of the 60’s  may be echoing in our ears. Now in 2013 we have  the maturity of Capricorn(the other arm) to guid us or act as the paradigm we want to tear down. If that sounds like a paradox welcome to the friction of the Square! Many of us are exhausted  from the constant “one thing after another” relentless onslaught of challenges. I can’t give you a formula for surviving , but I can throw out the life line of knowledge that this transition is part of a bigger picture that we have come here to participate  in:

For many it is also clarifying; each new turn offers opportunities to identify or to adjust priorities,

especially for those evolutionaries who continue to ask where their efforts are best spent.

For those with vision, the pace may seem glacial.

For those who are wrestling down old paradigms, the pace may actually feel accelerated.

“We don’t need the stars to tell us that we live in “interesting” times. What astrology can offer is a way of contextualizing the tumult as part of some greater narrative, and pondering the synchronicity between celestial and terrestrial cycles has the potential to open a richer and deeper conversation about creative solutions. For most of us, change is a painful process—old systems tend to die hard, and many won’t give up without a fight. And even the best intentions to release destructive patterns often meet with ferocious resistance. As the Uranus/Pluto squares continue to unfold, notice where you are resistant to change, and then be determined to put your best evolutionary foot forward. “Ralfi  Finn 

As we progress through this 3rd week of May the will slip into Gemini on Monday then the Full Moon In Sagittarius will be shooting his arrows in hard to fallow directions because he is being eclipsed by the Gemini Moon on Friday 24th. Our need to trust in our faith becomes overshadowed by apparent facts. Both are working in the realm of shadow. Look to the courage of your heart to lead you through  this passageway. Remember the being having the melt down next to you is on the same journey no matter how different he or she looks and acts. So far we don’t have a space ship off this planet…all we have is our imagination. Dream a better world.


Mars And Uranus Create Challenging Days Ahead

Clouds Gather

With all my heart and soul I wish I could empty a Big Dipper’s full of all cool refreshing peace and love on to the planet Earth every day for the next two weeks. Gentle mindful attention to our thoughts words and deeds, is what is needed to counter act the influences of Mars and Aries and Uranus at odd with Pluto. Each sign and planet alone are benign but as they gather and align at odd to one another our hearts and minds will over heat and we can over react. This will affect individual as well as counties.

Ralfi Finn’s  Aquarium Age explains it like this:

Currently, Mars is conjunct Uranus, in Aries. This is a highly volatile combination because Uranus, already unstable, amplifies that Martian need to move and that excites nervous systems beyond reasonable limits. Sleep is disturbed. Tempers are testy. And the need to relieve the tension can turn a minor brouhaha into a major brawl.  Pay attention: This conjunction is exact and separating on March 22, and as many of you know by now, we don’t feel the full effect of these pernicious interactions until they start pull apart. The problem with this particular separation is Pluto: As Mars disengages from Uranus it forms a square to Pluto that amplifies the potential for violence. This square is exact and separating on March 26.

How the Stars Can Comfort

Prayer and meditation, counting to ten or just taking deep breaths before acting is what we as individuals can do. I have been taught over and over that astrology is here not so much to predict or prophesy but to shine a light on the path ahead so we don’t step in the potholes. Today I hope I have a big enough spot light. Maybe if you pass this on our lights together can make a difference.

Full Moon Coming Soon

Tender, sensitive, creative, are just a few key words for the up coming Full Moon in Aries opposite the sign of Libra of balance and relationships ruled by Venus Goddess of love and peace. This alignment ought to be bring us breathing space in this painfully fraught world.  Please take every opportunity to see peace, be the peace. Unfortunately emotions looked after by the moon which will conjunct Uranus in Aries which is in the throws of squaring Pluto  so we are more likely to feel the raw rub of these two planets at frictional angles to each other all week and through the week end. Full Moon exact Sat. September 29, 7: 19 PST.

All this is taking place in the interpersonal realm but since the Moon is involved we will make us feel it deep in our bellies.  We need to listen to our gut reaction intuitions while at the same time be careful not to project our fears and anxieties onto the world around us. Great time to pull out any Zen training that helps us figure out what is yours, mine or ours.

 Be Ye Kind reads the little plaque I made in Sunday School a long time ago.  Today I dusted it off and put it  in a prominent place that I can see every day.  Isn’t it time we dusted off those simple reminders and payed attention to them. What would your Plaque say?

Remember we are all connected the Moon video came from Anne Bonnie  whose interesting and quirky blog is  Gun Smoke and Knitting. Thank you Anne 🙂

It is Time to Step Through The Door of Change

The  external revelation is being televised as I write.

But that internal change, letting go, expansion or up-against-the-wall personal revolution will not be televised.  What was once dependable patterns will no longer hold. This week and next look for shifts that are far beyond anything you ever expected.

Time Line

Virgo New Moon September 15.  Plant seeds of kindness in thought word and deed. Set intention to become the Bodhisattva, Angel, or Girl Scout you have always known you were called to be. As always being good to yourself comes first. Please, I beg you ,don’t believe the mindset that says: you are a failure or not enough. Jettison those thoughts completely off this planet. Every cruel thought arrow you turn on yourself or others hurts. Brain sciences has proven that your mind can’t tell the difference between “just” thoughts and actions.

Sept. 18-19 Pluto Ruler of the Dramatic obsessive depths turns around comes out of hiding and slams into Uranus God of revolutionary change. We are already feeling the rumblings of this interaction. Pluto squaring Uranus  not a sudden out of the blue moment it has been in the works since March 2011 and will Become exact for the second time on these days.

“Many of us are already suffering with soul fatigue, especially those of us trying to make ends meet or working overtime to help others to make it through to safer ground. But because this square is a symbol for cultural and collective revolution, and because it always signifies social unrest, many of us are also suffering from the despair that our global situation may not change as quickly as it needs to for future generations to flourish. This would not be the moment to give up hope. Revolution happens one heart at a time, and yours could be the heart that makes the difference.” Ralfi Finn The Aquarium Age

What Does The Blue Moon Mean For You?

By now you probably have heard that August 31st Full Moon is a Blue Moon. A name given to the second full moon in a month by none other than the Farmers Almanac. Besides being an interesting foot note this Full Moon shines it’s light on personal and planetary transformation. Your rare beautiful and uniqueness is being called forth. The Full Moon in Pisces, our dreams and inspirations, is directly opposite Earthly practical detail oriented Virgo If you pay attention you can begin to realize your dreams in very practical ways. Or you may feel pulled too many ways. Take time to feel the ebb and flow of light and dark.

The Pisces Full Moon happens every year, but this year Neptune has journeyed into Pisces is in it’s own sign, making the pull toward finding our collective dream even more powerful. This weekend each of us will be called upon to look into our unconscious to see if we are swimming towards a greater good and where we need to take “swimming lessons” which we all do. There may surprising wake up calls. Look at hurricane Issac some of us may get all wet or the RNC Convention some of us may BE all wet.  Just think of them as challenges to grow and expand! Open to the Unknown!

A Blast From The Past!

We are being whisked back to the mid 1960’s because this Full Moon occurs at the same time as second Uranus Pluto Square out of 7. If that is Greek to you, this might help: what we are being asked is to see where we began to change, grow and rebel at in the 1960’s and to take them deeper.

For example my friend just told me  in the 60’s she was part owner of a health food store and the other owner burned patchouli incense every day. It was exciting and counter culture back then to be able to buy herbs and vitamins and organic vegetables but we have learned along the way about chemical sensitives. At the same time health food stores have grown to big business now. If I could say one thing about NOW  it would be: it is the time to fine tune our youthful dreams. Even if you weren’t alive back then you still will feel the pull to refine your earlier goal and dreams, to perhaps align them with your souls purpose.

What question of purpose is the Blue Moon lighting up for you?

Get Ready as Uranus and Mercury Shake Things Up

Friday the 13th May Earn It’s Reputation This Month

Life on planet Earth may be Jarring even upside down but try to stay serene.

Jarring of nerves is always the case when either Uranus or Mercury becomes virtually motionless from the Earth’s vantage point. With both of these celestial bodies on the verge of stopping  – it is likely that a strong array of tensions are filling up the psychic atmosphere during the next few days. Lavish praise on dear ones and anyone who helps you stay serene and stable when the chips are down. Get set for some early morning shocks, surprises as well as insights since Uranus will be pausing at 2:50AM PDT Friday July 13 (activating 9 degrees of Aries). Expecting the unexpected is advised.

Next back up July 14 Mercury’s turn to halt at 13 degrees of Leo (7:16PM PDT) and begin a three-week retrograde cycle that lasts until August 7.  Back up the Back up! Because Mercury is in charge of all things communication and travel and Uranus rules electronics and new inventions,  so be advise your patience may be tested with all things mechanical that help you get around in this virtual world and on the high way of life. Be kind to your IPhone she’s not out to get you.

In the mean time the fractious alignment Pluto square Uranus is in full swing.  Change, Change, Change is the norm for everyday life and there will be no going back to the “good old days”.

Much of the information is from care2 Astrology

Also read my daily blog at Light Words to keep you grounded for 2012.

If you need explanations of how these aspects are affecting your life I can be reached for an Astrology reading at carolisle@earthlink.net

Blessings All


We are Called to Find What is Sacred

What is Beautiful and Vital?

This weekends powerful full Moon  continues to highlight our relationship with transpersonal planets Uranus and Pisces. Whether it’s a news story or your everyday encounters we are reminded we are not alone.

Unfortunately or fortunately Uranus is in Aries the sign of individuality. For some that means opportunities for creative expression and revolutionary spirit. There lies the archetype of the Cowboy, the knight, or the Lone Gun man in  As you can imagine some become isolated and desperate thinking no one is there for them and lash out. I am thinking of the isolated and picked on man who killed 7 people in Oakland last week is an example.

The cry We Are Who We Are Waiting For rings so true right now. But I say What you came here to do is not always what you think it is. The Neptunium mystery is, that we don’t know what it is that we do that may save the world.

A kind word, a smile, a  gentle firm boundary set  at the right time may may change the trajectory of an unthinkable act. The act of asking for help also can give a needy being confidence that they are of use. You never know  and that is what I believe faith is all about.  Keep living a kind and gentle life in the face of adversity.

Aries likes action which suggests we need to exercising our spiritual muscles:

Whether you find the sacred in a sense of something transcendental, even divine, or in nature, a child’s vulnerability, the sheer inexplicable extraordinary existence of the universe itself, or in anything else that you cherish, I believe that a feeling for the sacred and a heartfelt willingness to make room for it in one’s life is at the center of what is beautiful and vital in being human.”Rick Hanson author of Buddha’s Brain