Get Thee Centered For The Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde

centering rose
rose mandala for centering if you please

as life spins around you

center yourself in beauty

center yourself in your breath

center yourself in your heart

walk in beauty

This week, there are two major astral configurations to consider.

The first is a lunar eclipse on October 18; the second is the final Mercury Retrograde phase of the year that begins on October 21 and continues through November 11. Time distortion is a signature they both share…so don’t despair if you feel a little like the Mad Hatter on Quaaludes. When it comes to an eclipse, we often feel its effect six weeks before or after the actual occurrence; occasionally, its effect is experienced when certain planets transit the eclipse sensitive point, or the zodiacal degree at which it occurs—in this case, 25 degrees/45 minutes along the Aires/Libra axis. During a lunar eclipse, practical concerns become more important than emotional or esoteric interests; conscious, practical matters override unconscious, theoretical concerns, a perspective that often affects priorities: What we can see becomes more important than the underlying causes and conditions.



New Moon in Cancer: A Time to Widen Our Definition of Family

New Moon in Cancer or Moon Child

New Moon in Cancer or Moon Child

Quick reminder Mercury is retrograde now through July 20th.

July 8th both the Sun and the Moon will be in the sign of Cancer reminding us of the family come from but also that we belong to the family of humankind. What better way to be reminded that we are all connected than through music.

 Since 2004 Play For Change has been going around the world recording musicians.

“The project started in 2004 with the organization’s self-described goal to “inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music”. The creators of the project, Mark Johnson and Enzo Buono, traveled around the world to places including New Orleans, Barcelona, South Africa, India, Nepal, the Middle East and Ireland. Using mobile recording equipment, the duo recorded local musicians performing the same song, interpreted in their own style. Among the artists participating or openly involved in the project are Vusi Mahlasela, Louis Mhlanga, Clarence Bekker, Tal Ben Ari (Tula), Bono, Keb’ Mo’, David Broza, Manu Chao and Grandpa Elliott.” Wikipedia

Stephanie Austin writes this: New Moon in Cancer symbolizing how we ultimately learn that we are a child of the universe, and that we all belong to the family of humankind. The word “matter” comes from the Sanskrit root for “mother”; Cancer also reminds us of the importance of honoring matter as mother, that all aspects of the material world are sacred, including our physical body and the Earth on which we live. As the first water sign, Cancer represents the development and monitoring of our emotional body. Feelings provide essential feedback, signaling what is healthy or harmful. When we disregard our feelings, we lose the vital information they offer, and we succumb to overeating, overspending, and overworking. This new moon calls us to widen our definition of family and further develop our emotional literacy. For valuable tips, visit

Important Dates:
July 3: Sun square Uranus (12º Cancer-Aries)
July 7: Saturn turns direct (5º Scorpio)
July 8: New Moon 12:14 AM PDT (16º Cancer)
July 13: Mars enters Cancer
July 17: Uranus stations retrograde (13º Aries)
July 17-19: Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune grand trine (5º Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces)
July 20: Mercury turns direct (13º Cancer)
July 20-23: Mars-Saturn-Neptune grand trine (5º Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces)

For more music and inspiration please go to my daily blog Light Words.

What Venus And Mercury Have to Say About Your Vote on Election Day

I graduated from high school in 1964 a lot has changed but some things stay the same. Venus the ruler of the all that is feminine ask us to honor her and vote for the candidate that respects the sanctity of a Woman’s. body.

In other Celestial News Mercury the planet of communication, electronics, travel is going retrograde around 6:30 November 6th EST. What this means snafus, miss communications, and a backing up and going over everything that went before. Sound familiar? It should, that is what happened in 2000. There is one difference it is at a different degree, this time the symbol is a Wise Owl. Let’s hope and pray that this close election will be watch over by a spirit of Wisdom that learns from the past.

I suspect that those trying to vote in states hit by Sandy will not be done by closing time and voting hours will have to be extended into the night when owls come out. Let’s hope that’s all there is to it.

Many Blessings


Get Ready as Uranus and Mercury Shake Things Up

Friday the 13th May Earn It’s Reputation This Month

Life on planet Earth may be Jarring even upside down but try to stay serene.

Jarring of nerves is always the case when either Uranus or Mercury becomes virtually motionless from the Earth’s vantage point. With both of these celestial bodies on the verge of stopping  – it is likely that a strong array of tensions are filling up the psychic atmosphere during the next few days. Lavish praise on dear ones and anyone who helps you stay serene and stable when the chips are down. Get set for some early morning shocks, surprises as well as insights since Uranus will be pausing at 2:50AM PDT Friday July 13 (activating 9 degrees of Aries). Expecting the unexpected is advised.

Next back up July 14 Mercury’s turn to halt at 13 degrees of Leo (7:16PM PDT) and begin a three-week retrograde cycle that lasts until August 7.  Back up the Back up! Because Mercury is in charge of all things communication and travel and Uranus rules electronics and new inventions,  so be advise your patience may be tested with all things mechanical that help you get around in this virtual world and on the high way of life. Be kind to your IPhone she’s not out to get you.

In the mean time the fractious alignment Pluto square Uranus is in full swing.  Change, Change, Change is the norm for everyday life and there will be no going back to the “good old days”.

Much of the information is from care2 Astrology

Also read my daily blog at Light Words to keep you grounded for 2012.

If you need explanations of how these aspects are affecting your life I can be reached for an Astrology reading at

Blessings All


A Preview of Celestial Movement for June: In Between the Light We are Translated, Transformed and Connected

The Time for Change is Now

Pieces of eclipsed Sun light

 Since the Sunday May 20th Solar Eclipse we have enter into a between time of filtered light and waiting not unlike the pre-winter season of Advent which often is a time of watching and waiting  for gifts to soon arrive. However now we are own gift to one another IF WE PAY ATTENTION!

Synchronicity no matter how small increase extending our awareness of our connectedness. I have lost count of the number of conversations I have had about individuals direct experiences their own place in the Web of Life, the Matrix or as Jewels in Indra’s Net.

The light that we are use to is softened by and even interrupted changing our outlook, as well as,  some say our DNA by the Solar Eclipse, May 20 Lunar Eclipse June 4  culminating in Venus eclipsing the Sun June 5 in what is known as the transit of Venus.

Sun, Moon and Venus Major lights in our sky are flickering dancing in the sign of Gemini the relationship and communication coach of our solar system.  Signifying the time is ripe to notice, learn, practice beaming light from our solar plexus.

EVEN WHEN WE ARE SQUEEZED, WRONG HURT OR FRUSTRATED. What’s interesting is that no matter what the circumstances of life right now there is help, another being ready to to aid you. Sort of like a constant life spell check by your side. And you may get to be that for someone, too.

June 4: Lunar Eclipse/SuperMoon 14º08’ Gem-Sag conjunct Great Attractor; Neptune Rx 3º09’ Pisces

June 5: 2nd Transit of Venus across Sun ( last time June 2004, occurs in intervals 121, 8, 105,8 years)

June 11: Jupiter enters Gemini; Chiron Rx 9º45’ Pisces; Mercury square Uranus/Pluto
June 19: New Moon (28º43’ Gemini); opposite Galactic Center (27º Sagittarius)
June 20: Summer Solstice 4:09 PM PDT
June 24: 1st exact Uranus square Pluto (8º Aries-Capricorn)
June 25: Saturn turns direct (23º Libra); Jupiter square Neptune (3º Gemini-Pisces)
June 27: Venus turns direct (7º Gemini)
June 29: Sun opposite Pluto and square Uranus (Cardinal T at 8º Cancer-Capricorn-Aries)

A Health View of Retro Mercury

A Period of Reflecting

A helpful guide through the next few weeks for one and all.  From We’moon

“Mercury  Went Retrograde March 12th

Mercury, planetary muse and mentor of our mental and communicative lives, appears to reverse its course three or four times a year. We may benefit from less stress when it retrogrades by making allowances for a symbolic “sleep cycle.”

These periods give us permission to pause and go back over familiar territory, reflecting and giving second thoughts to dropped projects or miscommunications. Breakdowns can help us attend to the safety of mechanical and mobility modes. It’s time to “recall the now” of the past and pay attention to underlying issues. Leave matters that lock in future commitments until Mercury goes direct.”

March Then and Now

What shook you up last year?

March 11, 2011 I posted this picture that looks like an earth quake along with with my blog

it’s not Coffee it’s Uranus and Mars

I wrote about how we were in for a shack up, little knowing how big a shake up was coming.  It’s not how much I know but what the stars have to tell us if we pay attention. We can never know exactly what is on the horizon but we can at least see if it is cloudy or sunny and be prepare.

Now with Mercury going retrograde this week it’s  a good time REVIEW, RENEW or  RESTORE…what was shaken up in your life last year at this time.  Some of us are still cleaning up from last year and perhaps the rest of us may need to renew our offers to help. For now see how far you’ve come and what still needs your attention.

Below is a report on the high energy of March (from Care 2 Astrology) But I would ask you to pay close attention to each step you take as you March though the middle of March. REmember Mercury is the trickster God…Up can be Down just now….

“March’s high energy keeps going strong through the middle of the month, bringing you consecutive days of great fortune and positive energy!

Of course, the stars don’t want things to be too easy, so before all the good luck kicks in, you’ll first have to deal with Mercury’s upcoming retrograde cycle, which begins on March 12. The messenger planet won’t revert to forward motion until April 4, so for the next three-plus weeks, you’ll just have to live with the glitches and communication delays that inevitably come with any Mercury retrograde.

But enough about obstacles! The real excitement starts on March 13, when Jupiter and Pluto join to bring you happy news about money and/or work. Don’t worry if your good fortune doesn’t simply appear — you can make it yourself!

The excitement only grows on March 14 as Venus gets busy by seducing Pluto, socializing with Jupiter and getting passionate with Mars. Indeed, it’ll be hard to focus on work with all these fun distractions surrounding you! In fact, the level of energy on this day will be so high that if something doesn’t give you instant gratification, it probably isn’t worth pursuing.

Also on March 14, Mars and Jupiter join together to give you at least a little motivation to get your work done … but only if it’s idealistic in some way. Then, on March 15, Mars aligns itself with Pluto in an effort to remind you that hard work does pay off! Indeed, this is a cosmic combination with the potential to move mountains, although you’ll need perseverance, determination and strategy to see it through.”