Farewell to a Superlative Year

Galactic Center

2010 was a superlative year. The largest oil spill, a gigantic volcanic cloud, the worst snowstorm, the only lunar eclipse on the Solstice in centuries….Oh the Giants win the World Series for the first time in 50 years. What were your personal highlights; best and worst? I hope not too many spills or thrills. I have seen a great number of casts this year.  Makes me think a couple of things: we need to choose new scripts for our lives while we express our gratitude for the support we have received from plaster of Paris and our friends.  Pluto living in the house of  the structure loving planet Saturn focus us on taking care of our bones, skin, buildings.

Will it be different next year? Yes. Better? Different. There were many sharp turns in 201o. There will be some big dramatic changes coming in 2011.  Ask yourself do you take the leap of faith and enjoy the parachute ride down or do you stay on the plane and hope to land safely.  We are all on this Spaceship-Earth together which is the lesson we are being taught over and over for the next few years.  It is a big part of the 2012  mission. The first reminder is Jupiter and Uranus squaring the Center of our Galaxy right before the Solar Eclipse on January 4th 11:03 am. This combination spells out an opportunity for centering our soul while we change directions. The last time was in 1334. We are getting an up load of ancient information. Pay attention you may get a hit of what is really being ask of you this time around. We might find out there is more to life besides paying the bills and vacuuming the rug. I plan to make my New Years some time this first week of January.

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Solstice Message

Solstice Sunrise

Longing in the Dark

The solstice dances with a total Lunar Eclipse today and tomorrow. Look for the Eclipse between 10:52 pm  12/20 and 2:o1 am 12/21.  The significance hmmmm Well. Darkness, double darkness. Think of everything that happens in the dark and that’s what the next few days are about.  Fear will often be the first reaction to this much darkness, especially with the underworld guide Pluto close at hand at 5 Capricorn until way after December 25th. Once we are adjusted to low light try to wonder at the mystery and, above all, listen to the longings. In those whispers you will find the seeds of what is calling you in the coming year.

The Eclipse will be magnifying this experience. It is that pull deep in your heart, deeper than wanting, “an endless aching need”*, perhaps. We often get lost and mix this up with a bad case of consumerism. Just  notice what you are doing, forgive yourself, celebrate what you do have, and then go out and look at the sky. If you can’t get out check out NASA picture a day web site http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ in the mean time HAPPY YULE!

“The Rose” by Bette Midler http://theroselyrics.com/ .




Mary Oliver’s words welcome us to Fall. The sun is in the sign of Libra from September 22 until October 23. “I Balance” are the words that Libra speaks. We often think the symbol of Libra as the Balanced scales, but  the symbol is really the horizon with half the setting sun rising above. Here at the end of summer we contemplate all that has ripened and fallen to the ground, while we look around at the dire beauty of all that is left.  Just as Persephone, prepares for her journey underground , we begin to focus inward. No matter how warm and bright the days, we know short, dark days are near. Marriage is often associated with Libra; so are are other  equal relationship like: yin yang, dark &light, peanut butter & jelly, Earth and Sky, life and death. What is one without the other? Each makes the other sweeter.

During late August and early September the sun was in the sign of Virgo. A sign that often ask a lot of questions, wants to know the detail, and sometimes worries. Now is the time to collect all that information together to create an image of peace and love to carry with you into the dark. You might want to make a charm  or  create something real to signify  that you are a willing participant in the natural changes afoot this time of year.  Native Americans make corn dolls out of  husks of their recently  harvested corn. Check out this beautiful web site for stories related to the meaning of corn husk dolls: http://www.snowwowl.com/naartcornhuskdolls.html.

More About Balance

Justice is, also, an important Libra quality. See the movie Food INC to understand the unjust world of seed saving and chicken farming.

Time Table

Autumnal Equinox September 22, 8:09 pm

Full Moon September 23 2:17 am

Jupiter at Perigee Closest point to the Earth all week . He is a companion to the Moon  all evening, tagging along like a little brother as they both roll across the night sky. I hope you get to see this beautiful sight.

Not Picky But Particular

The Sun is in the sign of Virgo August 22 until September 22. Virgo is often given a bad rap as be being picky.  Stephanie Austin describes this sign as “not picky but particular.” She goes on to say:

Virgo, symbolized by a virgin holding a sheaf of wheat, represents wholeness and the development of discernment, the ability to determine what is vital.

Anyone who has gone berry picking has used their Virgo skill of discernment. You first look for the darkest fruit, then reach in to feel for ripeness. With experience your fingers learn that “just right” feeling of a juicy berry ready to be popped into your mouth and eaten on the spot. Experience also tells you how to keep your arms and legs from being lacerated by the thorns.

Hmmm, I wonder, maybe Sleeping Beauty might not have had to endure her long nap if she had listened to her (probably Virgo) Fairy Good Mother about staying away from sharp objects until she was old enough, and experienced enough, to take care of herself in sticky situations.  I would want a Virgo guiding my child, or even me, in uncharted territory.  And the Virgo would be glad to do it.

A Virgo knows their purpose is keep their flock safe. I think of this sign as a Shepard or Sheep dog. My Australian Shepard was happiest when he had a job. He brought children back to their parents, or kept misbehaving pups away from people. In his mind those naughty dogs should be kept away from the pack.  If You are a Virgo, please don’t think I’m calling you a dog. Patches will always be one of my best friends on this walk I call life.

Who do you watch over and protect or who is your guardian?

I will focus on  these questions and other topics related to Virgo in my class “Insight Astrology”, September 1st, 7p.m., at UUCB.  Call or email for reservations.

The class on September 15 will focus on the Full Moon in Pisces.

In other Astrological News: That trickster Mercury is retrograde until September 12th. Retrograde has to do with anything with “re” in front of it . Review, rewind, repeat…. We humans are  still being taught patience on our Earth Walk.

Digging Deep To Climb High

Are you overwhelmed?  Do you find everyday life shifting in directions that are new to you?  Is watching the news hypnotic and repulsive but hard to look away from. Well here we are in the middle of a planetary pattern known as a Cardinal T Square.  What that really means is when you look into the sky you can see an arrangement of planets in three of the four cardinal signs forming a right triangle. That ninety degree angle is what is shaking and stressing us.

The apex is formed by Pluto in Earthy Capricorn: suggesting the paradox of digging deep to climb high.

At the second corner we find Uranus and Jupiter conjunct (together) in Fiery Aries: offering the possibility of recklessness and self-righteousness.

Opposite, 180 degrees away, we find Saturn in Airy Libra: balancing human rights issues, personal and communal, is what is calling us here.

So what does this triangle suggest to you:   a dunce cap,

a mountain to climb, a sail, an angel wing, a building block

that might hold or crumble, a Mississippi Delta to  be cleaned up?

The list is endless. The challenge is living with uncertainty for most of the month of August.  Darned if  really I know how?  But we can’t be unconscious;  however, beginner’s mind might be helpful. For sure we must not allow cynicism to cloud our hearts.  Here is a story from The Medicine Cards By Jamie Sams.

“A big, ugly, stinking, fire-breathing demon blocked the way up the Sacred Mountain.  It blocked All Beings’ connection with the Great Spirit.  Most creatures froze or died at first sight of this monster.  However, Fawn, who was answering a call from Great Spirit, was not frightened.  She walked right up and gently said, “Please let me pass.  I am on the way to see Great Spirit.” Her eyes were filled with love and compassion.  The Demon was astonished by Fawn’s lack of fear.  No matter how he tried, he could not frighten her.

Fawn’s love had penetrated his hardened, ugly heart.  It melted and, in fact, his whole body shrunk to the size of a walnut.  Fawn had cleared the way so all Great Spirit’s Children could reach the Sacred Mountain without having to face the demons of fear blocking their way.”

What is  the Demon blocking your way?

What is your path up the Mountain?

Is it possible to soften yourself in the face of demons ?

These are just a few of the questions we will consider in my Insight Astrology Class Starting Wednesday August 4th at UUCB  Call for reservations. It will meet twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Green Revolution

Evolution or Revolution

As I write, July 25th, the Moon is Full. Sometimes that is enough to  explain the intensity of our nights and days, but as I have said before, we are in for hot times. Care 2 Astrology says it best:

Many other startling stellar happenings are ready to manifest during the last six days of July and during the first nine days of August.(see below for dates of all the alignments) In essence, we are now within one of the most profound and revolutionary three-week cycles in many years. Therefore, find time every day during the next three weeks for additional soul-searching and meditation.

Yes, Yes we may be asked take stands for what we believe in or love the unlovable, or even look into shadowy places; so we will need all the inner strength we can muster from many sources. How do we cope?

Here is one simple meditation you might want to try: Go to any place where the Sun shines through leaves and let yourself be bathed in that green filtered light. Let the light fall up on you, let your breathing slow, know you are absorbing a marvelous gift from Mother Earth.

In other words,  breath in green light. I do believer the leaves change sun light in a way that is essential for our well being.  I discovered this one year while trying to overcome the ennui that accompanies ,the doldrums, known as the dog-days of Summer. That day I knew a walk would do me good but it seemed the forest light lightened my mood more than the exercise. It is well known we need Sun light for vitamin D. Wouldn’t it be fun if someday  the medicinal properties of  Vitamin G,leaf filtered light, would be discovered.  Think of it as a salad for your soul. Maybe my idea sounds a little loony but the Full Moon in eccentric Aquarius just came up and this kind of creative audacity might just be what is called for in times of profound  revolution…. if we are to become who we know we really are deep within.

What is your ” wild and precious” prescription for dealing with revolutionary times?

If you would like more Astrology and more Meditation I am Leading an Insight Astrology class  on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays evenings of the month.

email me to reserve a space. I am available for personal Astrology Chart readings to help you find your best path to freedom and wholeness.

Current Planetary Alignments

July 25 Full Moon in Aquarius 6:36pm

July 26 Saturn opposite Uranus-Dramatic change

July 29 Mars enters Libra

July 30 Mars opposite Uranus-Change at any cost

July 31 Mars opposite Saturn- Change in chains

August More Intensity

*Aug 2  Jupiter square Pluto, Lamas: first harvest

Aug 3 Mars opposite Jupiter

Aug 6 Venus enters Libra: Perhaps a little sweetness

Aug 9 New Moon in Leo 8:08 pm Hear Leo the Lion Roar