Mars And Uranus Create Challenging Days Ahead

Clouds Gather

With all my heart and soul I wish I could empty a Big Dipper’s full of all cool refreshing peace and love on to the planet Earth every day for the next two weeks. Gentle mindful attention to our thoughts words and deeds, is what is needed to counter act the influences of Mars and Aries and Uranus at odd with Pluto. Each sign and planet alone are benign but as they gather and align at odd to one another our hearts and minds will over heat and we can over react. This will affect individual as well as counties.

Ralfi Finn’s  Aquarium Age explains it like this:

Currently, Mars is conjunct Uranus, in Aries. This is a highly volatile combination because Uranus, already unstable, amplifies that Martian need to move and that excites nervous systems beyond reasonable limits. Sleep is disturbed. Tempers are testy. And the need to relieve the tension can turn a minor brouhaha into a major brawl.  Pay attention: This conjunction is exact and separating on March 22, and as many of you know by now, we don’t feel the full effect of these pernicious interactions until they start pull apart. The problem with this particular separation is Pluto: As Mars disengages from Uranus it forms a square to Pluto that amplifies the potential for violence. This square is exact and separating on March 26.

How the Stars Can Comfort

Prayer and meditation, counting to ten or just taking deep breaths before acting is what we as individuals can do. I have been taught over and over that astrology is here not so much to predict or prophesy but to shine a light on the path ahead so we don’t step in the potholes. Today I hope I have a big enough spot light. Maybe if you pass this on our lights together can make a difference.

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