Happy New Era! Three Things We Can Lean From 12/21/12

My Mayan Calendar From Anthropological Museum of Mexico City

As an Astrologer I can’t let 12/21/12 go by without comment.

  • First of all I am so glad I am not struggling through Mexico City traffic to help save the world. But I am glad some folks are. Who will ever know, whether or not, maybe we are still here going about our daily life because of the many prayers and meditations taking place around the world today. I thank them.
  • Next and more importantly, I hope that this focus on this Winter Solstice for the whole world will have attuned we humans beings more closely to the cycles of nature, the stars, and themselves. Frustration, anger grow exponentially when we are out of sync with the seasons of the year and the seasons of our own life cycles.
  • As a planet we have had a shared experience that wasn’t a disaster. So far it is 2pm pst.  We all as a generation of people will probably have good stories about what we did or didn’t do on 12/21/12.

So as we move into what comes next pay attention to your heart while you set an intention for transformation of….fill in the blank.

Many Blessings



December 2012 Relax There is Nothing to Fear

The Sun is Conjunct the Galactic center

The Sun is Conjunct the Galactic center

Here is planetary wisdom from of my teachers Stephanie@ecoastrology.com

Important Dates:
December 12: Alignment of 12-12-12
December 13: New Moon 12:42 AM PST (22º Sagittarius); Uranus turns direct (5º Aries)
December 18: Sun conjunct Galactic Center (27º Sagittarius) and opposite Ceres (27º Gemini)
December 21: Solstice 3:12 AM PST; end of Mayan Long Count Calendar, end of 26,000 year cycle
December 11, 2012
Dear Friends,
This is a very intense week, and a very, very special time. The next new moon, this month, and this year mark a momentous turning point, the end of a 26,000-year cycle, known by many names: the Great Awakening, the Ascension, the Mayan End Times, the Hopi Fifth World, Christogenesis, Timewave Zero, and others. The number 12 symbolizes completion — the union of heaven and earth, sacred and secular. December 12, 2012 and December 21, 2012, the dates most often given for this evolutionary passage, do not mark the end of the world, but rather the initiation of a global shift, from living in duality and materialism to realizing our unity and divinity. The dates 12-12 and 12-21 mark the peak of two immense cosmic waves, which have been building for a long time, and whose wake will continue through the end of this year and beyond.
There is nothing to fear. Relax. Rest. Release. Receive. Remember. 
  • Relax in the knowing that you don’t have to do anything, that you always have choice. Do less and be more; the best “doing” comes from your “being”.

  • Rest into the loving support that is holding you and assisting you through this transition. Your guides and angels are on standby, waiting for you to call on them. You only need ask.

  • Release whatever is weighing you down and holding you back. Be in the present moment. Forgive others. Forgive yourself. Bless it all. Be grateful for what you learned.

  • Receive the light, the love, the information that is pouring down from the heavens. The downloads may take a while to decode. Hold beginners mind. We are making a quantum leap.

  • Remember who you really are. Remember that you were born and trained for these times. Remember that everything you need is inside you. Remember your heart knows the way.

    For daily inspiration visit  me at Light Words.

Unseen and Dreamy Splashed Down: A Neptune in Pisces Survival Guide

Healing Elixirs Work Now

Neptune News

A few weeks ago the Neptune ruler of all things intuitive, unseen and dreamy splashed down into his home pond of Pisces. Life on Earth may be taking unexpected even slippery twist and turns for even the most solid persons.

How do we navigate this wondrous yet unfathomable world?  There’s no one answer. Here’s a few I’ll throw on the wall and see which sticks for you. You may notice they sound contradictory that is characteristic of  the  sign Pisces represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions.

Neptune In Pisces Survival Tips

  • Let go and let God, Goddess or the Divine Being of your choice.
  • Pay attention to everyday details of life to ground and orient yourself in the vast swirl the dream world we are swimming in.
  • Treat everything as if it is a dream.
  • Honor creative urges you what you make may be just what someone else needs.
  • Learn new skills Music, film and Photography are highlighted. Don’t short change writing poetry and swimming.
  • Healing elixirs and forms of fluid potions are available and can work better then ever before.
  • Choose solitude over loneliness mediation may be calling.
  • Crate your own mediation practice to assert your individuality.
  • Remember we are all swimming in the same ocean.

I write a daily blog which is usually a poem and photo (very Neptunium) Today  as a thank you for visiting  Carolisle I am giving you your own Light Words  Enjoy

Where does magic live

and Fairies and all things small

and trembling, twitching, twirling?

In the space between

heat beats, wick and flame,

stone and water,

sending and receiving,

waiting and now.

Feel free to add your own spaces between.

Twenty Twelve Blooms Bright

Tinny Cactus Blossum

Be prepared for 2012   My yearly Forecast of  Myth and Meaning and  Symbols of this year will be January 14th  7pm in Albany sign up on my face book page.

Now is Lovely Time to Make Resolutions

We are offered a clear message at the opening of 2012 that humanity needs to understand the esoteric message of experiencing Harmony through Conflict – the keynote of one of the seven rays associated with the seven colors of the rainbow linking heaven to earth. When you are making New Year’s resolutions, keep in mind that the first day of 2012 actually carries a buoyant and optimistic tone.

The  delightful Moon sextile Venus sets the tone early in the day  January 1, 2012.   How about we capture that delicate light and use it for a guiding light through the labyrinth of this much heralded “end of the world” year.

My take on all the noise about this new year being so auspicious is that it is a wake up call to pay attention and set intention. Our brains works on images and symbols and metaphors. Cultures for centuries all over the world have create images to guide human to understand the unknowns of the future. Everything from our dreams, the Mayan Calendar to the Chinese Dragon (this years animal) are here to guide and teach us to be our best self our and best community.  I don’t have to tell you how our planet is in trouble but it is our souls and our hearts are what will save it. Listening closely to that still small voices is a good way to start.

The symbols from  Astrology are stepping up to guide us right from the beginning of the year. Starting with Mars, January 22, each of the personal planets will be retrograde for a number of weeks. until the beginning of July.  We will have a chance  search the meaning of our Power with Mars, our Love with Venus our structure with Saturn and finally our communication with Mercury.  I will Keep you posted for the exact dates

There’s more astrology in 2012 coming your way through Carolisle and my forecast. I’ll be happy to be your guide.
Happy New Year, Have no Fear, We’ll all be here Next Year.

Eclipsed Again

Nothing is Clear

Week December 5-12? Whip lash City! Hang on for another bumpy ride, nothing is clear. I think I have said that before but when it’s true what else can I do.

Here’s the Star Story:

  • First Mercury is still retrograde slow down to hurry up. You know the drill by now. Yes that printer didn’t work but new events got added right? We’re just now getting our sea legs in dealing with all the frustration.  Ok then…
  • Friday Uranus the higher octave of Mercury stands still and goes direct.  What does that mean?  Sudden unexpected desire for change. Feisty becomes fierce and if you’re not careful  it becomes unreasonable. Yes we do need to transform our world in many ways they just all have to be done at once no matter how intense the urge is. I am speaking to that voice inside us all that is watching the ice caps melt and dictators destroy people and want it  all to stop Now!
  • Hold your horses for a few more days because Sagittarius (horse) Sun will oppose the Gemini (twins) Moon on December 10th. BUT this full Moon will be eclipsed by the Earth Herself.

Whaaaatttt! now? we yell. For a few hours we will face the shadow of our own world. The philosophies and beliefs that we hold so dear will all come into question. We will be looking into the dark  mirror  of  our own soul. A commitment to change now will stick. Take time to meditate, attune with nature, or listen to music. The answer to the question you didn’t even know you needed to ask may be answered!  Finally, what baggage do we really want to keep carrying with us on the Journey into the mystery of 2012?

A journey over time is different from a journey into time
An actual journey is into the future
A reflective journey is into the past

A journey always begins in a place called Here
Pack your bags and imagine your journey
Unpack your bags and imagine your journey is done

If you’re afraid of a journey, don’t buy shoes.

Mark Stand

Up coming Events December 18 I will lead a solstice Ritual and Celebration and Labyrinth walk 7:00 PM at UUCB
January 14th Beyond 2012: An Astrological forecast for 2012 discover the truth behind the hype of the Mayan prophesies and more.

Moon and Mayan News Update

It's All about Balance: Libra/Aries Full Moon

Cosmic News

  • October 12-Aries Libra Full Moon: Asks: What Do We Want? and What Do I Want? All at the same time. How do you balance this? remember it is all about being in RELATIONSHIP. It is of the up most importance to keep this in mind all month because  soon Mercury and Venus and Sun will be in passionate, intense, fixed and tell it like it is detective Scorpio.
  •  Stay Centered in the Web of Life!

Find Your Center of the Web of Life

Mayan Calendar Report

You may have heard rumors of the end of the world. Here’s the 411

  • October 11- 28 demarcate the final phase of the Mayan Calendar. Think of it as the last week of December but on the grand scale of multiple century calendar.  It is the completion of one great cycle.
  • Often Halloween is called the Pagan New Year this year it may be a wild one because it is so close to the beginning of the New Mayan Calendar. Stay tuned for full Day of the Dead and Samhain news in next post.

Stephanie Austin EcoAstologer source of Mayan information.