Welcome to the Isle of Carol


The Currents of your life have washed you up on to Carolisle a virtual retreat or vacation.

What you will find here

  • First you will encounter the coming and going of the Planets with an astrology report about every two weeks.
  •  You will also be given information on how to live with, surf or float on these constant waves of change that is the flowering of a new paradigm.
  • I will also include simple rituals, stories, poems, and natural history and visual aides (photos) appropriate to the time of year and the movement of the Stars. The intention is to help keep you grounded and present as we move forward together.
  • I also, hope to create community as you read each others comments and experiences we all will be learning from each others. So please feel free to share. You can be as anonymous as you wish.

Other Stuff you can find on Carolisle:

A listing of classes

A menu of Astrology readings to choose from for your personal growth and understanding


    1. Why you are quite welcome to stay as long as like. I am glad you stopped by and got my metaphor. Being a writer I’m not surprise you you did. Carol

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