Full Moon Coming Soon

Tender, sensitive, creative, are just a few key words for the up coming Full Moon in Aries opposite the sign of Libra of balance and relationships ruled by Venus Goddess of love and peace. This alignment ought to be bring us breathing space in this painfully fraught world.  Please take every opportunity to see peace, be the peace. Unfortunately emotions looked after by the moon which will conjunct Uranus in Aries which is in the throws of squaring Pluto  so we are more likely to feel the raw rub of these two planets at frictional angles to each other all week and through the week end. Full Moon exact Sat. September 29, 7: 19 PST.

All this is taking place in the interpersonal realm but since the Moon is involved we will make us feel it deep in our bellies.  We need to listen to our gut reaction intuitions while at the same time be careful not to project our fears and anxieties onto the world around us. Great time to pull out any Zen training that helps us figure out what is yours, mine or ours.

 Be Ye Kind reads the little plaque I made in Sunday School a long time ago.  Today I dusted it off and put it  in a prominent place that I can see every day.  Isn’t it time we dusted off those simple reminders and payed attention to them. What would your Plaque say?

Remember we are all connected the Moon video came from Anne Bonnie  whose interesting and quirky blog is  Gun Smoke and Knitting. Thank you Anne 🙂


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