It is Time to Step Through The Door of Change

The  external revelation is being televised as I write.

But that internal change, letting go, expansion or up-against-the-wall personal revolution will not be televised.  What was once dependable patterns will no longer hold. This week and next look for shifts that are far beyond anything you ever expected.

Time Line

Virgo New Moon September 15.  Plant seeds of kindness in thought word and deed. Set intention to become the Bodhisattva, Angel, or Girl Scout you have always known you were called to be. As always being good to yourself comes first. Please, I beg you ,don’t believe the mindset that says: you are a failure or not enough. Jettison those thoughts completely off this planet. Every cruel thought arrow you turn on yourself or others hurts. Brain sciences has proven that your mind can’t tell the difference between “just” thoughts and actions.

Sept. 18-19 Pluto Ruler of the Dramatic obsessive depths turns around comes out of hiding and slams into Uranus God of revolutionary change. We are already feeling the rumblings of this interaction. Pluto squaring Uranus  not a sudden out of the blue moment it has been in the works since March 2011 and will Become exact for the second time on these days.

“Many of us are already suffering with soul fatigue, especially those of us trying to make ends meet or working overtime to help others to make it through to safer ground. But because this square is a symbol for cultural and collective revolution, and because it always signifies social unrest, many of us are also suffering from the despair that our global situation may not change as quickly as it needs to for future generations to flourish. This would not be the moment to give up hope. Revolution happens one heart at a time, and yours could be the heart that makes the difference.” Ralfi Finn The Aquarium Age



  1. Thanks. I needed that!!!!!

    Sent from my I-Phone (please excuse typos) Barbara A. McGraw, J.D., Ph.D. Professor, Social Ethics, Law, and Public Life Director, Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism Saint Mary’s College of California (925) 377-0333 (hm office) (925) 997-0333 (cell) (925) 631-4061 (wk office) _____________________

    “Pluralism arises from the values of liberty, equal dignity, conscience, and participation embodied in the founding documents of the United States, and is at the heart of ‘America’s Sacred Ground.'” — Barbara A. McGraw

    “Pluralism is building a society where people from different backgrounds can live in equal dignity and mutual loyalty.” — Eboo Patel

    “Pluralism is not relativism, but the engagement of commitments.” — Diana L. Eck

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