Get Thee Centered For The Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde

centering rose
rose mandala for centering if you please

as life spins around you

center yourself in beauty

center yourself in your breath

center yourself in your heart

walk in beauty

This week, there are two major astral configurations to consider.

The first is a lunar eclipse on October 18; the second is the final Mercury Retrograde phase of the year that begins on October 21 and continues through November 11. Time distortion is a signature they both share…so don’t despair if you feel a little like the Mad Hatter on Quaaludes. When it comes to an eclipse, we often feel its effect six weeks before or after the actual occurrence; occasionally, its effect is experienced when certain planets transit the eclipse sensitive point, or the zodiacal degree at which it occurs—in this case, 25 degrees/45 minutes along the Aires/Libra axis. During a lunar eclipse, practical concerns become more important than emotional or esoteric interests; conscious, practical matters override unconscious, theoretical concerns, a perspective that often affects priorities: What we can see becomes more important than the underlying causes and conditions.



Uranus Pluto Square and Another Eclipse

Another transition

Another transition

Yes Another *#&*%  Growth Experience!

May  20th marks the third Pluto Uranus Square  of 7 . Old structures are falling away new ones  are waiting to be born. The call for freedom and independence (Aries one arm of the square) of the 60’s  may be echoing in our ears. Now in 2013 we have  the maturity of Capricorn(the other arm) to guid us or act as the paradigm we want to tear down. If that sounds like a paradox welcome to the friction of the Square! Many of us are exhausted  from the constant “one thing after another” relentless onslaught of challenges. I can’t give you a formula for surviving , but I can throw out the life line of knowledge that this transition is part of a bigger picture that we have come here to participate  in:

For many it is also clarifying; each new turn offers opportunities to identify or to adjust priorities,

especially for those evolutionaries who continue to ask where their efforts are best spent.

For those with vision, the pace may seem glacial.

For those who are wrestling down old paradigms, the pace may actually feel accelerated.

“We don’t need the stars to tell us that we live in “interesting” times. What astrology can offer is a way of contextualizing the tumult as part of some greater narrative, and pondering the synchronicity between celestial and terrestrial cycles has the potential to open a richer and deeper conversation about creative solutions. For most of us, change is a painful process—old systems tend to die hard, and many won’t give up without a fight. And even the best intentions to release destructive patterns often meet with ferocious resistance. As the Uranus/Pluto squares continue to unfold, notice where you are resistant to change, and then be determined to put your best evolutionary foot forward. “Ralfi  Finn 

As we progress through this 3rd week of May the will slip into Gemini on Monday then the Full Moon In Sagittarius will be shooting his arrows in hard to fallow directions because he is being eclipsed by the Gemini Moon on Friday 24th. Our need to trust in our faith becomes overshadowed by apparent facts. Both are working in the realm of shadow. Look to the courage of your heart to lead you through  this passageway. Remember the being having the melt down next to you is on the same journey no matter how different he or she looks and acts. So far we don’t have a space ship off this planet…all we have is our imagination. Dream a better world.

Ring Of Fire Solar Eclipse 2nd Eclipse of the Year

Sun kfjak

Looking into an eclipsed sun 

Long ago a solar eclipse marked a time thought of as “The King is Dead”…What has been a ruler of your life that it is no longer needed…you needs to be dethrone.. This is a good time to let go!!!

The second of three eclipses in a row forms on Thursday, May 9. Solar eclipses are extra powerful new moons; they mark the end of a 19-year cycle and the beginning of a higher octave or new direction. On May 10, 1994,

This is the second of three South Node eclipses urging us to release old patterns and beliefs. The Earth, as well as our body, stores information in the form of energy imprints. Traumatic experiences can affect us so deeply that their residues obstruct energy flows in our body — and in cases of war and other disasters, the Earth’s energy flows are likewise impeded. South Node eclipses help us to release the accumulation of negative thought forms and imprints which are blocking evolution, both personally and globally. For practical and powerful ways to heal personal trauma, read The Trauma Tool Kit by Susan Pease Banitt. For planetary healing methods, read Marko Pogacnik’s Healing the Heart of the Earth. Stephanie Austin EcoAstrology

Even if you don’t align with this celestial event today,  note that the effect of this event has been leaving it’s finger prints on daily life for many weeks already and will still be in available to us for up to the next 6 months.

How To Look at 2012 Scorpio Eclipse

Eclipse watchers last summer

Be Ready To Dance With The Dark

My friends in New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific are in for a 4 min solar eclipse November 13. ( I look forward to pictures.) The rest of won’t be able to see it but we will  feel the results of the interruption of constant stream of solar radiation. This annual meeting of the Moon and Sun and Earth comes in the mysterious and shadowy sign of Scorpio. Scorpio has it’s dark reputation because it is ruled by king of the Underworld Pluto, the god that demands that we must pay our dues by facing our personal shadows. If we release the energy usually held tight in fear of being found out a great treasure could be found.

Scorpio Rules Spys General Petreaus, a Scorpio, is setting the example of how to deal with shadow.  What is he getting by revealing what he did in the dark?  It is easy to say why didn’t he just keep quiet.  But he is an honorable man and has always put his country first.  He will come away with his self respect while he makes the country safe from blackmail.  Oh yes and he probably learns the lesson that he is human. Our desires and hungers our  are terrible gifts that makes for a juicy life.

The Treasure:No matter what your circumstances expect light to be brought to the dark this coming week. If nothing else you will find a favorite shoe under the bed. At a party once, we started telling stories about what was the most interesting found in coat pockets. We came up with jewelry, cash, checks, lost love letters….you get the picture.

This same eclipse took put 19 years ago November 1993. Those of you old enough might want to reflect on  what dramatic powerful event took place in your life. It might help make creative choices or not being taken unaware over the next few weeks.

Remember we are coming to the end of a year that will reset how we will move forward as a people willing to live sustainably on our precarious  planet. Our choices matter every day.

Many Blessings


A Preview of Celestial Movement for June: In Between the Light We are Translated, Transformed and Connected

The Time for Change is Now

Pieces of eclipsed Sun light

 Since the Sunday May 20th Solar Eclipse we have enter into a between time of filtered light and waiting not unlike the pre-winter season of Advent which often is a time of watching and waiting  for gifts to soon arrive. However now we are own gift to one another IF WE PAY ATTENTION!

Synchronicity no matter how small increase extending our awareness of our connectedness. I have lost count of the number of conversations I have had about individuals direct experiences their own place in the Web of Life, the Matrix or as Jewels in Indra’s Net.

The light that we are use to is softened by and even interrupted changing our outlook, as well as,  some say our DNA by the Solar Eclipse, May 20 Lunar Eclipse June 4  culminating in Venus eclipsing the Sun June 5 in what is known as the transit of Venus.

Sun, Moon and Venus Major lights in our sky are flickering dancing in the sign of Gemini the relationship and communication coach of our solar system.  Signifying the time is ripe to notice, learn, practice beaming light from our solar plexus.

EVEN WHEN WE ARE SQUEEZED, WRONG HURT OR FRUSTRATED. What’s interesting is that no matter what the circumstances of life right now there is help, another being ready to to aid you. Sort of like a constant life spell check by your side. And you may get to be that for someone, too.

June 4: Lunar Eclipse/SuperMoon 14º08’ Gem-Sag conjunct Great Attractor; Neptune Rx 3º09’ Pisces

June 5: 2nd Transit of Venus across Sun ( last time June 2004, occurs in intervals 121, 8, 105,8 years)

June 11: Jupiter enters Gemini; Chiron Rx 9º45’ Pisces; Mercury square Uranus/Pluto
June 19: New Moon (28º43’ Gemini); opposite Galactic Center (27º Sagittarius)
June 20: Summer Solstice 4:09 PM PDT
June 24: 1st exact Uranus square Pluto (8º Aries-Capricorn)
June 25: Saturn turns direct (23º Libra); Jupiter square Neptune (3º Gemini-Pisces)
June 27: Venus turns direct (7º Gemini)
June 29: Sun opposite Pluto and square Uranus (Cardinal T at 8º Cancer-Capricorn-Aries)

New Moon Aligns with the Sun

A re-post from Light Words

Report From the Solar Eclipse Zone

Moon shadows from the eclipse we won’t see anything like this until 2017

About 6:25 PST we must have looked pretty funny wearing our cardboard glasses running around the garden looking for shadows.

   Fashionable Eclipse Watchers

“Look there’s some!”  “over here”  “Wow they’re so clear” Came the calls. It was more like an egg hunting than sky watching.  No one had a camera capable of capturing pictures of the partial eclipse that passed our way yesterday afternoon. So we took photos of the shadows to prove we saw the Moon pass between us and the Sun.

The excitement started at about 5:15 when we began seeing a tiny bite being taken out of the bottom of the sun. It is more like those marks some beetles leave when they chomp away on my rose leafs than a coyote eating the sun. It was oddly quiet even before it started.  A couple of jays began their evening dance and our friends cat came out to say his good night as the sky got darker and the sun began to disappear.

I was surprised to notice the shape of the crescent change from a C to a odd Cheshire cat smile as the eclipse progressed and the shadows were opposite the inverse shape of the sun, very curious!

      Bats? or Upside down Cheshire Cat Smiles

We were not in a position to see the ring of fire but the sun disappear leaving a very tiny orange sliver. As soon as the sun was at it’s peak of eclipse and  began to become brighter a dog howled, and everything went back to normal. We became more chatty and began to concentrate on eating our Thai peanut chicken and corn on the cob while still  looking up occasionally to watch the Sun return to his former self.  Thank you Vern and Sheila for the good food and the rare and beautiful entertainment last night.

We are looking forward to the 2017 Total Eclipse in Oregon…See you all there!

Venus Retrograde and Solar Eclipse Invite Transformation

Today Venus stands still and changes directions and then appears to go backwards.

Is she turning her back on us is beauty and love and all we value abandoning us?  Listening to the news of the economy of Europe it may seem yes. Is is not a good time to make big purchase or in or invest (darn I was going to buy Facebook stock 😉 ).

As any retrograde time it is time to review or renew, restore remodel.  Things, friends, lovers all that you value are getting a second look. For some it may feel extra breeze. However Wise Woman Venus knows what she’s doing because slowly she will be backing away from a tightfisted Saturn square attempting to control that which is creative and beautiful.

Be  like the silk scarf floating between the Gemini twins and just stay gently connected to all you love during the next 3 weeks.

Practical Facts and Ways to Dance With Venus

May 15 Venus comes to a halt at 24 degrees of Gemini (7:34AM PDT) and begins six-weeks of retrograde motion that lasts until June 27. Then She will move forward preparing for her Rare encounter with the Sun June 4-5 Transit of Venus. Details at the end of the month.

Venus is only retrograde every 18 months and

Now an excellent time to review and re-evaluate everything Venusian

  • love bonds, beauty themes,
  • social activities, your creative artistic expression,
  • ways to save money,
  • your personal magnetism
  • your value system – developed since your childhood
  • through the educational and business realms.

It is especially wise for all women to take stock of their primary partnerships and come up with new ways to improve or transform those partnerships. In general, both men and women need to be more sensitive and understanding to the dear ones who help to turn their world around on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Thank you Care 2 Astrology

In other News: Annular Solar Eclipse — Sunday May 20th
Pause to look behind. What happened 19 years ago that is circling back around asking you to be finished or take the next step?  Also it’s a good time to set intentions to transcend apparent polarities.

To make the best use of these changes: Give Yourself the Gift of Self Knowledge Though Astrology with an Astrology Reading  write