Oddities From The Holly Fair Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge 50

I was so busy photographing the strangeness at our Churches Holliday Rummage sale I only came home with a few things. Guess which of these treasures I decided I couldn’t live without.

For CEO’s Odd Ball Challenge # 50

Wondering who this Carlisle is? I am Carol Carlisle from Light Words
https://piecesofstarlight.wordpress.com Something went haywire so I’m posting on an ancient blog from years ago. Hope you my friends can find me.

I was chosen as a Featured blogger for this post on Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge.022414-feature-banner.jpg




  1. I vote for the wreath. Best,


    Barbara A. McGraw, J.D., Ph.D. Professor, Social Ethics, Law, and Public Life Director, Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism Director, Interfaith Leadership Program engagedpluralism.org Saint Mary’s College of California (925) 997-0333 (cell) (925) 631-4061 (office) _____________________

    “Pluralism arises from the values of liberty, equal dignity, conscience, and participation embodied in (even if not fully achieved by) the founding documents of the United States, and is at the heart of ‘America’s Sacred Ground.'” — Barbara A. McGraw

    “Pluralism is building a society where people from different backgrounds can live in equal dignity and mutual loyalty.” — Eboo Patel

    “Pluralism is not relativism, but the engagement of commitments.” — Diana L. Eck

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