Taurus Full Moon Reminder


Taurus full moon shines Venus love and beauty into the the darkest shadows of our life. Fear may be revealed but not without the comforting touch of the feminine. Face the night with the embrace of gentle courage. Call upon the inner goddess you know is available to you now more then any other time.


Nurturing Thursday: Celebrate What You are Harvesting

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Lammas August 1 and 2 : First Harvest, Blessing of the Grain, Bread or Loaf.  In the northern hemisphere the days are getting shorter. It’s a day when we stop to reflect on what has grown in your life so far this year. These are a few images of my harvest.
Also, note my new Flag Counter below the comments. I was inspired to fit my blog out with one when I noticed someone had visited from the Isle of Man and thought: How rare this should be celebrated.
Happy Nurturing Thursday What are you harvesting?

Thank you Becca Givens for creating Nurturing Thursday

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Get Thee Centered For The Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde

centering rose
rose mandala for centering if you please

as life spins around you

center yourself in beauty

center yourself in your breath

center yourself in your heart

walk in beauty

This week, there are two major astral configurations to consider.

The first is a lunar eclipse on October 18; the second is the final Mercury Retrograde phase of the year that begins on October 21 and continues through November 11. Time distortion is a signature they both share…so don’t despair if you feel a little like the Mad Hatter on Quaaludes. When it comes to an eclipse, we often feel its effect six weeks before or after the actual occurrence; occasionally, its effect is experienced when certain planets transit the eclipse sensitive point, or the zodiacal degree at which it occurs—in this case, 25 degrees/45 minutes along the Aires/Libra axis. During a lunar eclipse, practical concerns become more important than emotional or esoteric interests; conscious, practical matters override unconscious, theoretical concerns, a perspective that often affects priorities: What we can see becomes more important than the underlying causes and conditions.


Wonder Wednesday: The Full Moon Balances Earth and Water

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Harvest Moon revealing itself above the seemingly solid canyons. What altering in the structure of your life? Time to let go of the river bank and go with the flow.

Astrology Report “The September 19th Full Moon represents a reaching out for balance, the balance of the undefined and numinous otherworldly dimensions of reality represented by Pisces versus the detailed nuts and bolts of Virgo, the earth sign where the Sun still resides for this full moon…. We are in the midst of a very definite structural alteration that could result in an entirely new set of underlying principles heading into October and the end of the present year. It does not get any easier, although with the acceptance of the idea it does get far more possible to bear. We benefit from losing the blinders that we normally wear, that limit our view and hold us hostage to our…

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