What Does The Blue Moon Mean For You?

By now you probably have heard that August 31st Full Moon is a Blue Moon. A name given to the second full moon in a month by none other than the Farmers Almanac. Besides being an interesting foot note this Full Moon shines it’s light on personal and planetary transformation. Your rare beautiful and uniqueness is being called forth. The Full Moon in Pisces, our dreams and inspirations, is directly opposite Earthly practical detail oriented Virgo If you pay attention you can begin to realize your dreams in very practical ways. Or you may feel pulled too many ways. Take time to feel the ebb and flow of light and dark.

The Pisces Full Moon happens every year, but this year Neptune has journeyed into Pisces is in it’s own sign, making the pull toward finding our collective dream even more powerful. This weekend each of us will be called upon to look into our unconscious to see if we are swimming towards a greater good and where we need to take “swimming lessons” which we all do. There may surprising wake up calls. Look at hurricane Issac some of us may get all wet or the RNC Convention some of us may BE all wet.Β  Just think of them as challenges to grow and expand! Open to the Unknown!

A Blast From The Past!

We are being whisked back to the mid 1960’s because this Full Moon occurs at the same time as second Uranus Pluto Square out of 7. If that is Greek to you, this might help: what we are being asked is to see where we began to change, grow and rebel at in the 1960’s and to take them deeper.

For example my friend just told meΒ  in the 60’s she was part owner of a health food store and the other owner burned patchouli incense every day. It was exciting and counter culture back then to be able to buy herbs and vitamins and organic vegetables but we have learned along the way about chemical sensitives. At the same time health food stores have grown to big business now. If I could say one thing about NOWΒ  it would be: it is the time to fine tune our youthful dreams. Even if you weren’t alive back then you still will feel the pull to refine your earlier goal and dreams, to perhaps align them with your souls purpose.

What question of purpose is the Blue Moon lighting up for you?


  1. Lovely post- i will tell you my esoteric reactions after the weekend. In the mid-60’s i was just graduating high school, half the boys in my class left for Vietnam right afterwords. So many dreams, big and small. Mostly i just wanted to get out of the house and be on my own and I did. Now I have finally a peaceful home of my own where I am happy to stay and dream. I have finally come home or rather made a home for myself. I have to say my first thought when I hear Blue Moon is the song starts playing in my head. Elvis maybe? (Blue moon, you saw me standing alone, without a dream in my hear. Without a love of my own etc)

    1. I am touched deeply by your generous sharing. My college English teacher anguished over whether or not to fail some young men because that would mean they could be drafted and possible killed. I really appreciated her heart struggle.
      I may have to post a you-tub Blue Moon Video today πŸ™‚

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