March Stars Do an About Face

St. Paddy’s Day, Mercury Retrograde and dramatic Full Moon starts off Spring with with a flare!

Good Luck is Possible

Bullet Points For a Busy Month

  • Mercury moves into Aries on March 2 and Mars opposes the Pisces Sun on March 3. Good ideas are useless if you don’t have the power to voice them, and Mercury in Aries will help you get your voice heard! Then, on the 3rd, you’ll either fall into the Pisces-Sun group, trying to move through life slowly and peacefully, or you’ll crack the whip with Mars, getting everyone and everything into tip-top shape.
  • On March 5, Venus moves into sensual Taurus, upping the romance factor and boosting your affections.
  • Full Moon in Virgo appears on the 8th, opposing the Sun in Pisces, and encouraging you to find the middle ground between realism and idealism.
  • Mercury  goes retrograde on March 13, bringing the usual glitches, delays and miss communications. Fortunately, also on the 13th, Jupiter and Pluto will counter the trials of Mercury retrograde with a large boost in confidence and/or good news on the cash front.
  • The very next day, on March 14, Venus will join with Pluto and Jupiter, adding love and romance to the list of things you can feel lucky about. Mars will also meet up with Venus and Jupiter, guaranteeing that if fate isn’t bringing you good fortune, you’ll have what it takes to make your own great luck!
  • The 15th will be more somber as Mars interacts with Pluto. Under this transit, you can move mountains, but not without a lot of back-breaking work in the process.
  • March 20 Spring Officially arrives when  the Sun will move out of passive Pisces and into motivated Mars on March 20, getting you all revved up again.
  • The New Moon in Aries on the 22nd and the Sun-Uranus conjunction on the 24th will both light a fire under you, urging you and everyone else to try to get their own way.
  •  Uranus, the Sun will square off against Pluto on March 29. This combination is known for collapsing the old order and forcing through new changes.

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An Invitation To Spring

Join me for A Spring Equinox Ritual March, 20th 7 am Sunrise at Albany Waterfront.

The intention is to celebrate new life, welcome Persephone back from the underworld and send healing energy to Japan and the Whole Planet!

Equinox Sunrise

Supper Full Moon-Spring Equinox-conjunct Uranus. Expansive Change-Connectedness.

I can’t even speak in full sentences. So much is going on I just want to give you the head lines:

  • It is the time of rebirth and re-awakening.
  • There is an abundance of light shinning from these archetypes of transformation.
  • The Moon at the closest point to Earth in 25 years, Uranus and Zero Aries (Spring Equinox) all align this weekend.

Think of it as being given an opportunity to see how deeply we are connected to every one and every thing on this planet.  The world is radioactive with possibilities for change. Resistance is futile, fear is our teacher, seaweed our fuel! Seaweed brown kelp Yes! I heard from the herbalist on KPFA  that it is  better than iodine tablets if you are worried about the effects of radiation.  I like that connection with the sea and nature better than a pill anyway.

Just One More Thing:Find time for centering, grounding and heartfelt reason, ritual and meditation.

Did you know the symbol for Uranus looks like a tuning fork.?You know how it feels when the wrong note is struck. Finding your personal harmonics could be the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves and the  whole planet. How? I wonder if there is  somewhere in each of us a song, even a silly little song, wanting to be sung, hummed or just remembered. If we can hold on to that tune for just a little while each day, we might make ourselves light enough to withstand whatever the wind of change blows our way.

From Panhala


What is the key
To untie the knot of your mind’s suffering?

Is the esoteric secret
To slay the crazed one whom each of us
Did wed

And who can ruin
Our heart’s and eye’s exquisite tender

Hafiz has found
Two emerald words that

That I now cling to as I would sacred
Tresses of my Beloved’s

Act great.
My dear, always act great.

What is the key
To untie the knot of the mind’s suffering?

Benevolent thought, sound
And movement.

~ Hafiz ~

(The Gift – versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)

For those brave souls who Act Great
that others may live….

From Panhala