Walk the Path of Intuition and Inspiration

With the entrance of the Sun into Aries 

on the Equinox we begin to concern ourselves with our self. The first sign of the zodiac is the signifies a time for self actualization.  Asking the questions of souls purpose may be up for one and all.  Who we are and who we dream we are may become confused as March ends..

” We must no more ask whether the soul and body are one than ask whether the wax and the figure impressed on it are one. “

“The stars have big plans for you over the next few days … but for once, they’ve also scheduled a bit of downtime so you can rest before moving on to your next big thing!

First, on March 22, the fiery Aries Moon joins the high-octane Aries Sun, making this an exciting time to get new plans underway! Choose your project wisely, though, because unless you throw yourself into it whole-heartedly, you won’t get the results you want.

On the following day, March 23, the stars offer a respite as Mercury — still retrograde — moves backwards into Pisces. This is your chance to daydream and recharge. And who knows — if you allow your intuition to take over, some surprising inspirations may come your way!

Enjoy this restful period while you can, because by March 24, the cosmos will be in full swing again as the Sun and Uranus join together. Indeed, these two planets will no doubt go out of their way to shake things up and get you moving! Take proactive steps to stay in control of your life as you come up with lifestyle changes on your own; otherwise, rebellious Uranus will act on your behalf, and there’s no telling how crazy your life could become!” (Care 2 Astrology)


  1. Self actualization and pondering the soul’s purpose… that feels very accurate. I was born July 26, 1962. Feeling stuck and powerless lately. I hope things change VERY SOON. I’m not happy camper.

    1. Lisa,three planets retrograde might be making be the cause of the wet noodle in the bottom of the pot feeling. At least our communication Planet goes direct next week. If you want a look at what’s up for you on a more personal level my email address is in my gravatar.

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