Now Is A Time to Embrace Heaven On Earth

Spirituality is  found where ever you are.

Spirituality is found where ever you are.

No matter our station in life, over the next 2 weeks we will come to see we are all in this together.  Many astrologers are saying that this is a time of love and compassion, I say as all things planetary it is up to us how we respond. Some may fight against the tides of change and make life miserable for themselves and those around them.  You have been given the wisdom here and now; so please welcome to the flow, embrace your impulses for creativity, and high minded togetherness.

I have found that my mind flits from one thing to next even more than usual 😉 during this time.  Containment, support, focus on one thing at a time will balance the ever expansive life on earth of 5 planets in Pisces.

Stephanie Austin Eco Astrologer puts it this way: Pisces is represented by two yoked fish; the constellation shows one swimming upward, the other horizontally, revealing the inseparability of transcendence and immanence, heaven and earth, spirituality and materiality. Pisces teaches that we are both a particle and a wave, temporal and eternal, a singular and indivisible part of the universe.  Neptune, Chiron, Mars, and Mercury as well, with Venus are inPisces . All this greatly energizes the spiritual tasks of Pisces: to see through the illusion of duality, trust our inner knowing, and realize our interconnectedness with all life.


The Blessing and Challenges of The Sun and Many Planets In Pisces:

At the ford

As we cross the ford we must ask: What is real? What is illusion or delusion? Where is solid ground?

For the next month the cosmos will be requiring us to live in and focus on all that is fluid. Every form. from water, snow, chemicals, sneezes, to emotion and imagination. Some we can’t live with out and others might destroy us. Paradox could be another word for Pisces the sign of two fish swimming in opposite directions.

As a child wasn’t is wonderful to swim under water with your eyes open? Everything was strange and beautiful, floating, but you we could become easily disoriented. Up could become down or you would bump into the side of the pool. That is how life on earth may feel when all the personal planets are in the 12th sign of of the zodiac Pisces.  Add Neptune the ruler of Pisces to the mix we are  truly diving into a watery world.

FYI this is a rare occurrence, you might even say we are sailing off into uncharted waters. It might be fun to pay attention to how many watery metaphors you and the news are using as we get into the swim of things, or shall I say go with the flow. Those are two way to navigate a world where one could be swept away by beauty one moment and drowned by addiction the next.

To help us through to the other side Pluto is in Capricorn and Saturn is in Scorpio. What that means is that our bones, our structures, our rules of behavior are firmly in place as vehicles for reality checks when you need them.  What did your old dad tell you about…now is time to listen for the words of the ancestors. All this being said you could come up on shore on the first day of Spring with new and creative way  of solving (dissolving obsticals) problems Here are two wise women’s comments on our dive into Pisces:

During Mutable Water Pisces month, February 18-March 20, we turn inwards to our tender places and intimate dreams. Our energy may be low, but this can help us do less and process more, review the story of our year, compost its lessons, and dream the future before we begin a new cycle. Our challenge is to stay grounded in the moment.
— Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2012
Pisces Born: [and we all have Pisces in our charts] increased sensitivity and less motivating energy, gift of Neptune’s presence in your sign, becomes slightly more comfortable in 2013. You feel bolder, more playful and creative from mid-year on. Art allows you to channel sensitivity without being negatively affected by the uncertainty around you.
— Gretchen Lawlor © Mother Tongue Ink 2012

What Does The Blue Moon Mean For You?

By now you probably have heard that August 31st Full Moon is a Blue Moon. A name given to the second full moon in a month by none other than the Farmers Almanac. Besides being an interesting foot note this Full Moon shines it’s light on personal and planetary transformation. Your rare beautiful and uniqueness is being called forth. The Full Moon in Pisces, our dreams and inspirations, is directly opposite Earthly practical detail oriented Virgo If you pay attention you can begin to realize your dreams in very practical ways. Or you may feel pulled too many ways. Take time to feel the ebb and flow of light and dark.

The Pisces Full Moon happens every year, but this year Neptune has journeyed into Pisces is in it’s own sign, making the pull toward finding our collective dream even more powerful. This weekend each of us will be called upon to look into our unconscious to see if we are swimming towards a greater good and where we need to take “swimming lessons” which we all do. There may surprising wake up calls. Look at hurricane Issac some of us may get all wet or the RNC Convention some of us may BE all wet.  Just think of them as challenges to grow and expand! Open to the Unknown!

A Blast From The Past!

We are being whisked back to the mid 1960’s because this Full Moon occurs at the same time as second Uranus Pluto Square out of 7. If that is Greek to you, this might help: what we are being asked is to see where we began to change, grow and rebel at in the 1960’s and to take them deeper.

For example my friend just told me  in the 60’s she was part owner of a health food store and the other owner burned patchouli incense every day. It was exciting and counter culture back then to be able to buy herbs and vitamins and organic vegetables but we have learned along the way about chemical sensitives. At the same time health food stores have grown to big business now. If I could say one thing about NOW  it would be: it is the time to fine tune our youthful dreams. Even if you weren’t alive back then you still will feel the pull to refine your earlier goal and dreams, to perhaps align them with your souls purpose.

What question of purpose is the Blue Moon lighting up for you?

We are Called to Find What is Sacred

What is Beautiful and Vital?

This weekends powerful full Moon  continues to highlight our relationship with transpersonal planets Uranus and Pisces. Whether it’s a news story or your everyday encounters we are reminded we are not alone.

Unfortunately or fortunately Uranus is in Aries the sign of individuality. For some that means opportunities for creative expression and revolutionary spirit. There lies the archetype of the Cowboy, the knight, or the Lone Gun man in  As you can imagine some become isolated and desperate thinking no one is there for them and lash out. I am thinking of the isolated and picked on man who killed 7 people in Oakland last week is an example.

The cry We Are Who We Are Waiting For rings so true right now. But I say What you came here to do is not always what you think it is. The Neptunium mystery is, that we don’t know what it is that we do that may save the world.

A kind word, a smile, a  gentle firm boundary set  at the right time may may change the trajectory of an unthinkable act. The act of asking for help also can give a needy being confidence that they are of use. You never know  and that is what I believe faith is all about.  Keep living a kind and gentle life in the face of adversity.

Aries likes action which suggests we need to exercising our spiritual muscles:

Whether you find the sacred in a sense of something transcendental, even divine, or in nature, a child’s vulnerability, the sheer inexplicable extraordinary existence of the universe itself, or in anything else that you cherish, I believe that a feeling for the sacred and a heartfelt willingness to make room for it in one’s life is at the center of what is beautiful and vital in being human.”Rick Hanson author of Buddha’s Brain

150 Years Ago Today

 Pisces New Moon conjoined Neptune in Pisces for the last time until now:

Honor psychic sensitivity

New Moon in Pisces • Tuesday February 21
Moon is Pisces makes us aware, sometimes painfully, of what we feel. It heightens compassion, senses, intuition and imagination. We grow intimate, feel permeable, but may have to strengthen boundaries. Ugliness of soul or matter hurts, we need time in the temple of our imagination.
—excerpt, Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2011

Another way to get the most benefit from the 3 days around the New Moon is to set Neptune related intentions such as:


Inner Happiness,

Psychic sensitivity,

Trust/mystic awareness

Spiritual healing


Releasing helplessness

We are being Ask to let go and let….that which is greater… have our backs. You know the trust exercise where you fall backwards into someones arms. It’s like that.

Are we humans on a spiritual journey or spirits on a human journey? Let me know when you find out.

I am Glad to report: Mary Oliver is doing fine. Her ill health was greatly exaggerated.

The Mother Ship Has Landed

Mother Ship?

The Here and Now An Astrology Report

Shift Happened  If you are feeling out of focus and that strange wobble in everyday life remember  February 3rd Neptune move into Pisces. Now as I write Neptune is conjunct Mercury a waffley pairing.  February 18th the Sun climbs aboard the mother ship of illusion and dreams followed shortly Feb. 21st by the Moon.

Dreams and other inspired stories of the soul could have a visceral effect that would make it easy to mistake fiction for fact and illusions for actualities. There is the potential to get lost in the Dreamtime, and that’s only a problem if you need to function in real time. Ralfee Finn Aquarium Age

What are we space cadets to do? I had method in my madness writing yesterday about Centering. Find a real tangible object and hang on and enjoy the ride.

The New Moon coincides with Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. Grab those colored beads and set intuitions to embrace heightened intuition and dream journalism.

Photo: Light fixture At Chicken And Waffles Jack London Square Oakland CA.

I need a realty check myself I need to know if human being are reading this and it has meaning for you. Leave me a message or just click like. Likes are Mardi Gras beads for me.