March Then and Now

What shook you up last year?

March 11, 2011 I posted this picture that looks like an earth quake along with with my blog

it’s not Coffee it’s Uranus and Mars

I wrote about how we were in for a shack up, little knowing how big a shake up was coming.  It’s not how much I know but what the stars have to tell us if we pay attention. We can never know exactly what is on the horizon but we can at least see if it is cloudy or sunny and be prepare.

Now with Mercury going retrograde this week it’s  a good time REVIEW, RENEW or  RESTORE…what was shaken up in your life last year at this time.  Some of us are still cleaning up from last year and perhaps the rest of us may need to renew our offers to help. For now see how far you’ve come and what still needs your attention.

Below is a report on the high energy of March (from Care 2 Astrology) But I would ask you to pay close attention to each step you take as you March though the middle of March. REmember Mercury is the trickster God…Up can be Down just now….

“March’s high energy keeps going strong through the middle of the month, bringing you consecutive days of great fortune and positive energy!

Of course, the stars don’t want things to be too easy, so before all the good luck kicks in, you’ll first have to deal with Mercury’s upcoming retrograde cycle, which begins on March 12. The messenger planet won’t revert to forward motion until April 4, so for the next three-plus weeks, you’ll just have to live with the glitches and communication delays that inevitably come with any Mercury retrograde.

But enough about obstacles! The real excitement starts on March 13, when Jupiter and Pluto join to bring you happy news about money and/or work. Don’t worry if your good fortune doesn’t simply appear — you can make it yourself!

The excitement only grows on March 14 as Venus gets busy by seducing Pluto, socializing with Jupiter and getting passionate with Mars. Indeed, it’ll be hard to focus on work with all these fun distractions surrounding you! In fact, the level of energy on this day will be so high that if something doesn’t give you instant gratification, it probably isn’t worth pursuing.

Also on March 14, Mars and Jupiter join together to give you at least a little motivation to get your work done … but only if it’s idealistic in some way. Then, on March 15, Mars aligns itself with Pluto in an effort to remind you that hard work does pay off! Indeed, this is a cosmic combination with the potential to move mountains, although you’ll need perseverance, determination and strategy to see it through.”


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