Uranus Pluto Square and Another Eclipse

Another transition
Another transition

Yes Another *#&*%  Growth Experience!

May  20th marks the third Pluto Uranus Square  of 7 . Old structures are falling away new ones  are waiting to be born. The call for freedom and independence (Aries one arm of the square) of the 60’s  may be echoing in our ears. Now in 2013 we have  the maturity of Capricorn(the other arm) to guid us or act as the paradigm we want to tear down. If that sounds like a paradox welcome to the friction of the Square! Many of us are exhausted  from the constant “one thing after another” relentless onslaught of challenges. I can’t give you a formula for surviving , but I can throw out the life line of knowledge that this transition is part of a bigger picture that we have come here to participate  in:

For many it is also clarifying; each new turn offers opportunities to identify or to adjust priorities,

especially for those evolutionaries who continue to ask where their efforts are best spent.

For those with vision, the pace may seem glacial.

For those who are wrestling down old paradigms, the pace may actually feel accelerated.

“We don’t need the stars to tell us that we live in “interesting” times. What astrology can offer is a way of contextualizing the tumult as part of some greater narrative, and pondering the synchronicity between celestial and terrestrial cycles has the potential to open a richer and deeper conversation about creative solutions. For most of us, change is a painful process—old systems tend to die hard, and many won’t give up without a fight. And even the best intentions to release destructive patterns often meet with ferocious resistance. As the Uranus/Pluto squares continue to unfold, notice where you are resistant to change, and then be determined to put your best evolutionary foot forward. “Ralfi  Finn 

As we progress through this 3rd week of May the will slip into Gemini on Monday then the Full Moon In Sagittarius will be shooting his arrows in hard to fallow directions because he is being eclipsed by the Gemini Moon on Friday 24th. Our need to trust in our faith becomes overshadowed by apparent facts. Both are working in the realm of shadow. Look to the courage of your heart to lead you through  this passageway. Remember the being having the melt down next to you is on the same journey no matter how different he or she looks and acts. So far we don’t have a space ship off this planet…all we have is our imagination. Dream a better world.


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