Capturing The Lavender Sky of Now

I looked up from the dinner table two nights ago to see the sky turn lavender and jumped up and was capture this picture before this fleeting moment faded.

FORWARD  is the word the Presidential candidate is challenging us to consider.

I wish he had chosen the more Zen idea NOW instead.

Let’s stay in the present.

Be here Now.

Now is all we have.

We get off balance when we think to far in the future. So much in the US is focused on the outcome of the presidential election November 6th 2012.  Obama is the President NOW and it should stay that way. When I think of Forward! I keep thinking of Buzz Lightyear’s cry from Toy Story “To Infinity and beyond!”  That won’t help get the work that needs to be done to get him elected.  I’m sure they thought long and hard about the choice of slogan but my word today and every day is NOW.


  1. Every where around me businesses are closing down. We are very depressed here in Illinois. I also experienced it when I went on vacation, restaurants, shops, even entire malls were shut down! It’s scary. I’ll think about today if that helps, but it’s hard not to think about the future in these circumstances.
    Wish I could watch a beautiful sunset.

    1. Sure it is hard. Illinois has always had some desolate areas even when I was young the town my grandparents lived in seemed like a ghost town to me. I will post something else that might help today,

  2. I noticed that gorgeous sunset sky Wednesday night, too, and stopped a meeting to get everyone to experience the beauty of the now.
    If only Obama and his team would refute every claim that they’ve been ineffective with a reminder of how obstructionist the Republicans have been, and of who got us into the financial mess in the first place. Neither Romney nor Obama can fix the nation’s problems with Congress’s help.
    Forward, now!

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