New Moon in Cancer: A Time to Widen Our Definition of Family

New Moon in Cancer or Moon Child

New Moon in Cancer or Moon Child

Quick reminder Mercury is retrograde now through July 20th.

July 8th both the Sun and the Moon will be in the sign of Cancer reminding us of the family come from but also that we belong to the family of humankind. What better way to be reminded that we are all connected than through music.

 Since 2004 Play For Change has been going around the world recording musicians.

“The project started in 2004 with the organization’s self-described goal to “inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music”. The creators of the project, Mark Johnson and Enzo Buono, traveled around the world to places including New Orleans, Barcelona, South Africa, India, Nepal, the Middle East and Ireland. Using mobile recording equipment, the duo recorded local musicians performing the same song, interpreted in their own style. Among the artists participating or openly involved in the project are Vusi Mahlasela, Louis Mhlanga, Clarence Bekker, Tal Ben Ari (Tula), Bono, Keb’ Mo’, David Broza, Manu Chao and Grandpa Elliott.” Wikipedia

Stephanie Austin writes this: New Moon in Cancer symbolizing how we ultimately learn that we are a child of the universe, and that we all belong to the family of humankind. The word “matter” comes from the Sanskrit root for “mother”; Cancer also reminds us of the importance of honoring matter as mother, that all aspects of the material world are sacred, including our physical body and the Earth on which we live. As the first water sign, Cancer represents the development and monitoring of our emotional body. Feelings provide essential feedback, signaling what is healthy or harmful. When we disregard our feelings, we lose the vital information they offer, and we succumb to overeating, overspending, and overworking. This new moon calls us to widen our definition of family and further develop our emotional literacy. For valuable tips, visit

Important Dates:
July 3: Sun square Uranus (12º Cancer-Aries)
July 7: Saturn turns direct (5º Scorpio)
July 8: New Moon 12:14 AM PDT (16º Cancer)
July 13: Mars enters Cancer
July 17: Uranus stations retrograde (13º Aries)
July 17-19: Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune grand trine (5º Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces)
July 20: Mercury turns direct (13º Cancer)
July 20-23: Mars-Saturn-Neptune grand trine (5º Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces)

For more music and inspiration please go to my daily blog Light Words.


Aries New Moon: Time to Start Anew

Garden Buddha

Garden Buddha Suggest Beginner’s Mind

Aries New Moon March 10th offers us a time to start fresh, start over and welcome new shoots of spring. This is an especially powerful new Moon with

Aries, as the first sign in the zodiac, represents new beginnings, forms, and directions. Each new moon initiates a new cycle; this one signals our readiness for an especially big shift, as the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Uranus, and Eris are all in Aries. This is a very important time to set intentions and to hold “Beginner’s Mind.” We’ve never been here before…Take one step at a time. Be willing to not know, and remember that there is no failure, only learning. Stephanie Austin Eco Astrologer


 The dark of the moon is a time of planting so what ever has been on the back burner in the seed packet of your soul NOW is the time to offer it to the sun and watch it flourish. The one and big caveat is to attend to compassion for fellow travelers. With the planet Mars so active with his trailblazing needs we can lose our connection to the needs of others. We can step on toes and butt heads if we aren’t careful.

Now go forth and Begin a good Year!

Important Dates:
April 5-10: Venus-Mars-Eris conjunction (22ºAries)
April 10: New Moon 2:35 AM PDT (21º Aries)
April 12: Pluto turns retrograde (12º Capricorn); Saturn quincunx Uranus (9º Scorpio-Aries)
April 20-21: Mercury conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto (9-12º Aries-Capricorn)

How To Look at 2012 Scorpio Eclipse

Eclipse watchers last summer

Be Ready To Dance With The Dark

My friends in New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific are in for a 4 min solar eclipse November 13. ( I look forward to pictures.) The rest of won’t be able to see it but we will  feel the results of the interruption of constant stream of solar radiation. This annual meeting of the Moon and Sun and Earth comes in the mysterious and shadowy sign of Scorpio. Scorpio has it’s dark reputation because it is ruled by king of the Underworld Pluto, the god that demands that we must pay our dues by facing our personal shadows. If we release the energy usually held tight in fear of being found out a great treasure could be found.

Scorpio Rules Spys General Petreaus, a Scorpio, is setting the example of how to deal with shadow.  What is he getting by revealing what he did in the dark?  It is easy to say why didn’t he just keep quiet.  But he is an honorable man and has always put his country first.  He will come away with his self respect while he makes the country safe from blackmail.  Oh yes and he probably learns the lesson that he is human. Our desires and hungers our  are terrible gifts that makes for a juicy life.

The Treasure:No matter what your circumstances expect light to be brought to the dark this coming week. If nothing else you will find a favorite shoe under the bed. At a party once, we started telling stories about what was the most interesting found in coat pockets. We came up with jewelry, cash, checks, lost love letters….you get the picture.

This same eclipse took put 19 years ago November 1993. Those of you old enough might want to reflect on  what dramatic powerful event took place in your life. It might help make creative choices or not being taken unaware over the next few weeks.

Remember we are coming to the end of a year that will reset how we will move forward as a people willing to live sustainably on our precarious  planet. Our choices matter every day.

Many Blessings


New Moon In Libra is About The Art of Living

The Autumn New Moon

This day October 15 is when the Venus Ruled Moon and Sun  seem to share the same spot in in the sky. We ask us to love one another, find common ground, tend and befriend acknowledge and find in our hearts anything that we as individuals would consider a female principal.  There is a Shaker song that goes something like this:

“When all things pass away, Music and joy shall live, music and joy shall live, never to die.” 

As a meditation for this new moon choose what you desire to live on… music and love, love and friends… Don’t worry about the rhythm because whatever we do we make it up as we go along…

Life While-You-Wait.
Performance without rehearsal.
Body without alterations.
Head without premeditation.

I know nothing of the role I play.
I only know it’s mine. I can’t exchange it.

I have to guess on the spot
just what this play’s all about.

Ill-prepared for the privilege of living,
I can barely keep up with the pace that the action demands.
I improvise, although I loathe improvisation.
I trip at every step over my own ignorance.
I can’t conceal my hayseed manners.
My instincts are for happy histrionics.
Stage fright makes excuses for me, which humiliate me more.
Extenuating circumstances strike me as cruel.

Words and impulses you can’t take back,
stars you’ll never get counted,
your character like a raincoat you button on the run ?
the pitiful results of all this unexpectedness.

If only I could just rehearse one Wednesday in advance,
or repeat a single Thursday that has passed!
But here comes Friday with a script I haven’t seen.
Is it fair, I ask
(my voice a little hoarse,
since I couldn’t even clear my throat offstage).

You’d be wrong to think that it’s just a slapdash quiz
taken in makeshift accommodations. Oh no.
I’m standing on the set and I see how strong it is.
The props are surprisingly precise.
The machine rotating the stage has been around even longer.
The farthest galaxies have been turned on.
Oh no, there’s no question, this must be the premiere.
And whatever I do
will become forever what I’ve done.

~ Wislawa Szymborska ~

It is Time to Step Through The Door of Change

The  external revelation is being televised as I write.

But that internal change, letting go, expansion or up-against-the-wall personal revolution will not be televised.  What was once dependable patterns will no longer hold. This week and next look for shifts that are far beyond anything you ever expected.

Time Line

Virgo New Moon September 15.  Plant seeds of kindness in thought word and deed. Set intention to become the Bodhisattva, Angel, or Girl Scout you have always known you were called to be. As always being good to yourself comes first. Please, I beg you ,don’t believe the mindset that says: you are a failure or not enough. Jettison those thoughts completely off this planet. Every cruel thought arrow you turn on yourself or others hurts. Brain sciences has proven that your mind can’t tell the difference between “just” thoughts and actions.

Sept. 18-19 Pluto Ruler of the Dramatic obsessive depths turns around comes out of hiding and slams into Uranus God of revolutionary change. We are already feeling the rumblings of this interaction. Pluto squaring Uranus  not a sudden out of the blue moment it has been in the works since March 2011 and will Become exact for the second time on these days.

“Many of us are already suffering with soul fatigue, especially those of us trying to make ends meet or working overtime to help others to make it through to safer ground. But because this square is a symbol for cultural and collective revolution, and because it always signifies social unrest, many of us are also suffering from the despair that our global situation may not change as quickly as it needs to for future generations to flourish. This would not be the moment to give up hope. Revolution happens one heart at a time, and yours could be the heart that makes the difference.” Ralfi Finn The Aquarium Age

Solstice Once Again Invites Our Intentions

Passion Flower is the perfect off-kilter Compass Rose for setting our direction at the turning of the season in 2012. We are at the extremes of light and dark. Paying attention to where we’ve been and where we are going is demanded right now as we proceed through the rest of the Labyrinth of 2012.

New Moon, Summer Solstice, Venus returning from her stay in the Underworld!  The Heavens are in a celestial traffic jam!!  What’s an Earthling to do? (invitation to a ritual celebration below)

June 20 Stand still, like the sun (remember solstice is when the sun stands still). Review where you’ve been for the last 6 months. When your ready set intention. New Moon is when farmers plant seeds. The rest of us plant seeds of ideas small nuggets that will blossom into full blown projects come the Full Moon.

Again on June 20, the Sun makes its celebrated move into Cancer. The next month will demand that more time and attention be spent on your home, family, emotional life and all-things domestic. This doesn’t mean you can’t be creative or ambitious — you’ll simply find that you’re bound to have more success doing whatever truly comes from your heart. Watch out for Cancer’s moody tendencies and recognize that if you’re feeling down, it’s only fleeting. Otherwise, enjoy the comforts of home and the deeper bonds you’ll develop with loved ones throughout this time! (Thank you for your words: Care 2 Astrology)

A Word or two from super Astrologer Caroline Casey about Venus “Let’s cahoot with Venus emerging from the Underworld embarking on her triumphant global tour, with the anti-dote to the compensatory hyper-yang and sociopathic disregard for life currently wreaking havok.”

Summer Solstice and Sun into Cancer— Wednesday June 20

The seasonal cycle of the year is created by the tilt of the Earth’s axis, leaning toward or away from the Sun, north to south, as the Earth orbits the Sun. Solstices are the extreme points all over the world when the days and nights are longest or shortest. Seasonal celebrations of most cultures cluster around natural turning points, here are a few of the world’s many holydays around summer solstice. Sun and fire festivals—Niman Kachina (Hopi). Goddess Festivals: Isis (Egyptian), Lithia (North African), Yellow Corn Mother (Taino), Ishtar (Babylonian), Hestia (Greek), Sunna (Norse).
—Excerpted from We’Moon 2012 pg. 26 © Mother Tongue Ink 2003

As we celebrate this year’s seasonal rituals, we ask: how can we use the energy of these points on the solar wheel to express the deep transformations of 2012? In earth centered traditions, seasonal rituals not only celebrate change, they create it. As the Chrysalis of transformation hangs on the topmost branch of the World Tree, may our seasonal rituals become the birthing chants that call forth the new society, emerging bright-winged into a rejuvenated world.

— Frodo Okulam, excerpted from We’Moon 2012, p. 27 © Mother Tonge Ink 2011

I invite anyone in my neighborhood to join me around sunset June 20, 8-830 to Albany Beach. We will Toast to what we are intending for the rest of the year and Boast about our accomplishments and heroic acts of the first half of the year have been. “I have written a blog a day for since January 1 2012!” is my boast what is yours?

If you can’t get here “I lift a glass to you and yours!”

Many Blessings,


Finding Our Place In the Sun

Mother Earth is Calling

I have noticed many of us say things about want our mothers and I have wondered what the stars are trying to tell us. The best I can figure is the “that which you are seeking is causing you to seek” paradox.  We are in the midst if an Earth Grand Trine.  Powerful Mars, expansive Jupiter and intense Pluto are all in positive cahoots saying “you are grounded and supported in all your endeavors” just pay attention to MOTHER EARTH in the process. For extremely airy fiery folks that can be a healthy but challenging prospect. Giving yourself a big warm ceramic mug Loving Kindness everyday will take you and yours a long way.

Smooth Running

Daily life from now, the end of April until May 15 ought to run smoothly and move forward with ease because all personal planets are direct.  NOW is the time to get projects off the ground as well as set in motion that which will support creative solutions for more dramatic times.  Getting your first aide kits  up to date and your fiances on solid ground are some task that you might want to thin about and are high lighted Now.

The Full Moon Express

The Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Pluto pile up should make  next Saturday’s Super Full Moon intense and busy.  the watery pull of the Scorpio Moon at her closest point to there Earth will shine light on what our place is in the scheme of things and where we need to dig deeper to accomplish what we were sent her to do. Since you are reading this you understand the it’s not an accident that you are here at this cross roads of time.  Ask yourself “What is place in midwifing a new paradigm, a new culture?

Above all it is a time to take stock of what has grown in your garden that you planted at the New Moon?

In the Middle of all this excitement we have the wonderful magical cross quarter celebration of May Day with multicolored silk ribbons of light wrapping us all to a center pole of love and connection.  Get out Dance, Work and Eat Lemon Poppy seed Cake, the symbol of the bright Summer Sun and the seed we are planting.