Taurus Full Moon Reminder


Taurus full moon shines Venus love and beauty into the the darkest shadows of our life. Fear may be revealed but not without the comforting touch of the feminine. Face the night with the embrace of gentle courage. Call upon the inner goddess you know is available to you now more then any other time.



An Easter Tradition

keep traditions alive

one Easter traditions

Every year the first thing on Easter morning I tell

The Easter Story

What do you get when you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole?

Hot cross bunnies!

Welcome to my world!  What is your Easter Tradition?

How convenient tomorrow is April Fools Day!!!!!!!!

Now Is A Time to Embrace Heaven On Earth

Spirituality is  found where ever you are.

Spirituality is found where ever you are.

No matter our station in life, over the next 2 weeks we will come to see we are all in this together.  Many astrologers are saying that this is a time of love and compassion, I say as all things planetary it is up to us how we respond. Some may fight against the tides of change and make life miserable for themselves and those around them.  You have been given the wisdom here and now; so please welcome to the flow, embrace your impulses for creativity, and high minded togetherness.

I have found that my mind flits from one thing to next even more than usual 😉 during this time.  Containment, support, focus on one thing at a time will balance the ever expansive life on earth of 5 planets in Pisces.

Stephanie Austin Eco Astrologer puts it this way: Pisces is represented by two yoked fish; the constellation shows one swimming upward, the other horizontally, revealing the inseparability of transcendence and immanence, heaven and earth, spirituality and materiality. Pisces teaches that we are both a particle and a wave, temporal and eternal, a singular and indivisible part of the universe.  Neptune, Chiron, Mars, and Mercury as well, with Venus are inPisces . All this greatly energizes the spiritual tasks of Pisces: to see through the illusion of duality, trust our inner knowing, and realize our interconnectedness with all life.