Taurus Full Moon Reminder


Taurus full moon shines Venus love and beauty into the the darkest shadows of our life. Fear may be revealed but not without the comforting touch of the feminine. Face the night with the embrace of gentle courage. Call upon the inner goddess you know is available to you now more then any other time.



Get Thee Centered For The Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde

centering rose
rose mandala for centering if you please

as life spins around you

center yourself in beauty

center yourself in your breath

center yourself in your heart

walk in beauty

This week, there are two major astral configurations to consider.

The first is a lunar eclipse on October 18; the second is the final Mercury Retrograde phase of the year that begins on October 21 and continues through November 11. Time distortion is a signature they both share…so don’t despair if you feel a little like the Mad Hatter on Quaaludes. When it comes to an eclipse, we often feel its effect six weeks before or after the actual occurrence; occasionally, its effect is experienced when certain planets transit the eclipse sensitive point, or the zodiacal degree at which it occurs—in this case, 25 degrees/45 minutes along the Aires/Libra axis. During a lunar eclipse, practical concerns become more important than emotional or esoteric interests; conscious, practical matters override unconscious, theoretical concerns, a perspective that often affects priorities: What we can see becomes more important than the underlying causes and conditions.


Leo Sun/ Aquarius Super Full Moon


We Are All Star-dust

July 20: Mercury turns direct 11:22 AM PDT (13º Cancer)
July 20-23: Grand Trine in Water: Mars/Jupiter – Saturn – Neptune (5º Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces)
July 22: Full Moon 11:15 AM PDT (0º06’ Aquarius-Leo); SuperMoon
July 22: Mars conjunct Jupiter (6º Cancer)
July 26-August 12: Lions Gate
July 27: Sun square Saturn (5º Leo-Scorpio)
July 27-31: T-Square: Mars-Pluto-Uranus (9-13º Can-Cap-Aries)
July 28: Sun square Aprill 25 Lunar Eclipse point (6º Leo)
July 29: Grand Sextile

As I write Mercury is going direct, a time when we usually wipe our foreheads and say “Wow we made it!” Yes, maybe like me, you can catch up on a pile of communications. There’s a but here, so much is going on the dizzying feeling of astral vertigo will still feel as if we’re on a tilt a whirl, or better yet a water slide, because  from July 20-23 there is  a Grand Trine in Water: Mars/Jupiter – Saturn – Neptune (5º Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces). Aw it is this pyramid of collective compassion gives a point of reflection as we approach the power of the July 22: Full Moon 11:15 AM PDT (0º06’ Aquarius-Leo); SuperMoon, smack in the middle of the sacred triangle. Followed quickly by Mars conjunct Jupiter in Cancer.

This is what is concerning me: these two great  mythic gods together can cause overinflated self-worth and rash action and reactions. “With great power comes great respons-ability” (Spiderman’s Uncle). Our ability to respond with wisdom and clarity is being tested. Have we gone to sleep just because we made it through 2012?

Many of us are being called upon to send prayers to those around us who are in need as we do remember the first half of the Metta Meditation is:

” 1.  May I be safe and protected. 2.  May I be peaceful and happy. 3.  May I be healthy and strong.4.  May I have ease of well being (and accept all the conditions of the world). This is followed by our prayers for others. This healing practice of taking good care of yourself will keep the inflation down  nd the over reaction to a minimum. After all the Sun is entering the sign of self.

“Leo is the soloist; Aquarius is the choir. How are we doing our part? What are we adding to the cosmic chorus? This is also the third of three SuperMoons in a row, where the Moon is at perigee (closest to the Earth), greatly intensifying the full moon’s gravitational and electromagnetic effects on the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Leo represents the journey of discovering and expressing our light, our essence, our true self. The ruler of Leo is the Sun, the star at the center of our solar system, symbolizing the spiritual truth that each of us is a star, a spark of the divine. Leo challenges us to find our center, our core truth around which everything else in our life must pivot. The image of the lion reflects the depths of devotion and courage which Leo asks of us. It takes courage to listen to our heart. It takes willpower to walk our own path and not be herded onto someone else’s. It takes resolve to live the life we were meant to live.” Stephanie Austen Eco Astrologer

Back to our communication planet, Mercury, cojunting Mars then Chiron:

“The Sabian symbol for Mercury as it stations, and in this Full Moon configuration, is “A very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast.” This speaks of archetypal inner understanding, a place within that is ever present, ever pointing to the creative void that the Buddhists speak of, the place of spiritual understanding and dawning enlightenment. We all know this place, perhaps consciously, perhaps with the intuition corresponding to our higher selves.

It is comforting seeing this symbol come up in this Mercury degree, which, along with Mercury‘s current connection to Chiron, helps us to recognize and to know ourselves at the deepest possible level where we oftentimes dwell. This is our inner knowing that we can tap into when we need to, and that will always serve us well; the level of Spirit moving through us, toward its ultimately unimaginable destination”. AstroGraph.com

I pass this on with the love and  the understanding that, as I read and write these words, they are what I need to hear as much as I need to share, because we are all star-dust!

Summer Solstice

The stone stacking man and his work. I had Just witnessed him balance this stone. It was to crowed to get a photo but moments later I was able to capture his portrait with his stone while he proudly showoff post cards of his work.

Solstice is when the Sun Stands Still and Changes directions.The Stillness of this man and his work tell the Story of Summer Solstice. I had Just witnessed him balance this stone. It was too crowed to get a photo but moments later I was able to capture his portrait with his stone while he proudly shows off post cards of his work. This is cropped from the photo below. I planned both as I shot this I thought this one shot told the whole story. I promise go back and capture him in action.

Stone Stacking Man of Sausalito

The man standing among his own standing stones.

The man standing among his own standing stones. Notice how short the shadows are this time of year. The Moon will be full this weekend as well. A Powerful time to be in nature and honor all our connections to the Earth and Sky!

Full Moon Coming Soon

Tender, sensitive, creative, are just a few key words for the up coming Full Moon in Aries opposite the sign of Libra of balance and relationships ruled by Venus Goddess of love and peace. This alignment ought to be bring us breathing space in this painfully fraught world.  Please take every opportunity to see peace, be the peace. Unfortunately emotions looked after by the moon which will conjunct Uranus in Aries which is in the throws of squaring Pluto  so we are more likely to feel the raw rub of these two planets at frictional angles to each other all week and through the week end. Full Moon exact Sat. September 29, 7: 19 PST.

All this is taking place in the interpersonal realm but since the Moon is involved we will make us feel it deep in our bellies.  We need to listen to our gut reaction intuitions while at the same time be careful not to project our fears and anxieties onto the world around us. Great time to pull out any Zen training that helps us figure out what is yours, mine or ours.

 Be Ye Kind reads the little plaque I made in Sunday School a long time ago.  Today I dusted it off and put it  in a prominent place that I can see every day.  Isn’t it time we dusted off those simple reminders and payed attention to them. What would your Plaque say?

Remember we are all connected the Moon video came from Anne Bonnie  whose interesting and quirky blog is  Gun Smoke and Knitting. Thank you Anne 🙂

What Does The Blue Moon Mean For You?

By now you probably have heard that August 31st Full Moon is a Blue Moon. A name given to the second full moon in a month by none other than the Farmers Almanac. Besides being an interesting foot note this Full Moon shines it’s light on personal and planetary transformation. Your rare beautiful and uniqueness is being called forth. The Full Moon in Pisces, our dreams and inspirations, is directly opposite Earthly practical detail oriented Virgo If you pay attention you can begin to realize your dreams in very practical ways. Or you may feel pulled too many ways. Take time to feel the ebb and flow of light and dark.

The Pisces Full Moon happens every year, but this year Neptune has journeyed into Pisces is in it’s own sign, making the pull toward finding our collective dream even more powerful. This weekend each of us will be called upon to look into our unconscious to see if we are swimming towards a greater good and where we need to take “swimming lessons” which we all do. There may surprising wake up calls. Look at hurricane Issac some of us may get all wet or the RNC Convention some of us may BE all wet.  Just think of them as challenges to grow and expand! Open to the Unknown!

A Blast From The Past!

We are being whisked back to the mid 1960’s because this Full Moon occurs at the same time as second Uranus Pluto Square out of 7. If that is Greek to you, this might help: what we are being asked is to see where we began to change, grow and rebel at in the 1960’s and to take them deeper.

For example my friend just told me  in the 60’s she was part owner of a health food store and the other owner burned patchouli incense every day. It was exciting and counter culture back then to be able to buy herbs and vitamins and organic vegetables but we have learned along the way about chemical sensitives. At the same time health food stores have grown to big business now. If I could say one thing about NOW  it would be: it is the time to fine tune our youthful dreams. Even if you weren’t alive back then you still will feel the pull to refine your earlier goal and dreams, to perhaps align them with your souls purpose.

What question of purpose is the Blue Moon lighting up for you?