Help for Living in the NOW

Light Words

Yes It Can Grow The Mighty Oak But What About You?

Yesterday I wrote about the need to be in the NOW .  I don’t want to leave you hanging wondering how to accomplish such a monumental yet important task. Today I suggest you invite a little  R.A.I.N. into your life.  Here is an exert  from The Just One Thing news letter by Rick Hanson, Ph.D., Auther of Buddhas Brain   May it be of use to you.

“So what can we do? How can we reclaim, use, enjoy, and be at peace with our whole estate (world around us) – without being overwhelmed by its occasional swamps and fumes?

This is where R.A.I.N. comes in.


R.A.I.N. is an acronym developed by Michelle McDonald, a senior mindfulness teacher, to summarize a powerful way to expand self-awareness. (I’ve adapted it a bit below, and any flaws in the adaptation are…

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