Taurus Full Moon Reminder


Taurus full moon shines Venus love and beauty into the the darkest shadows of our life. Fear may be revealed but not without the comforting touch of the feminine. Face the night with the embrace of gentle courage. Call upon the inner goddess you know is available to you now more then any other time.



The Blessing and Challenges of The Sun and Many Planets In Pisces:

At the ford

As we cross the ford we must ask: What is real? What is illusion or delusion? Where is solid ground?

For the next month the cosmos will be requiring us to live in and focus on all that is fluid. Every form. from water, snow, chemicals, sneezes, to emotion and imagination. Some we can’t live with out and others might destroy us. Paradox could be another word for Pisces the sign of two fish swimming in opposite directions.

As a child wasn’t is wonderful to swim under water with your eyes open? Everything was strange and beautiful, floating, but you we could become easily disoriented. Up could become down or you would bump into the side of the pool. That is how life on earth may feel when all the personal planets are in the 12th sign of of the zodiac Pisces.  Add Neptune the ruler of Pisces to the mix we are  truly diving into a watery world.

FYI this is a rare occurrence, you might even say we are sailing off into uncharted waters. It might be fun to pay attention to how many watery metaphors you and the news are using as we get into the swim of things, or shall I say go with the flow. Those are two way to navigate a world where one could be swept away by beauty one moment and drowned by addiction the next.

To help us through to the other side Pluto is in Capricorn and Saturn is in Scorpio. What that means is that our bones, our structures, our rules of behavior are firmly in place as vehicles for reality checks when you need them.  What did your old dad tell you about…now is time to listen for the words of the ancestors. All this being said you could come up on shore on the first day of Spring with new and creative way  of solving (dissolving obsticals) problems Here are two wise women’s comments on our dive into Pisces:

During Mutable Water Pisces month, February 18-March 20, we turn inwards to our tender places and intimate dreams. Our energy may be low, but this can help us do less and process more, review the story of our year, compost its lessons, and dream the future before we begin a new cycle. Our challenge is to stay grounded in the moment.
— Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2012
Pisces Born: [and we all have Pisces in our charts] increased sensitivity and less motivating energy, gift of Neptune’s presence in your sign, becomes slightly more comfortable in 2013. You feel bolder, more playful and creative from mid-year on. Art allows you to channel sensitivity without being negatively affected by the uncertainty around you.
— Gretchen Lawlor © Mother Tongue Ink 2012

Music of the Spheres Reminds Us We Are Star Dust

 Listen to this Lovely Remix to receive a download of Star Dust 🙂

I love it when Astrology and Astronomy conjoin to create a symphony of truth. FYI these sciences were once one. Keep a hold  of the the beauty and faith downloaded during this last full moon there will be another before the August is over.  Keep in mind we are in the middle of a the cosmic shift  and it is ripe for picking NOW ! You must choose to accept it. It won’t feel as good if it is forced upon you. And when things don’t feel so good or as Pema Choron author of “When Things Fall Apart” says “you feel squeezed” ask yourself what are you being asked to pay attention too?

What has changed in your life since May 1? What do expect to change by September 23?

I would love to hear how the stars are treating you this year or do you need advise or direction about how to dance with the Stars leave me a message in the comments.

Get Ready as Uranus and Mercury Shake Things Up

Friday the 13th May Earn It’s Reputation This Month

Life on planet Earth may be Jarring even upside down but try to stay serene.

Jarring of nerves is always the case when either Uranus or Mercury becomes virtually motionless from the Earth’s vantage point. With both of these celestial bodies on the verge of stopping  – it is likely that a strong array of tensions are filling up the psychic atmosphere during the next few days. Lavish praise on dear ones and anyone who helps you stay serene and stable when the chips are down. Get set for some early morning shocks, surprises as well as insights since Uranus will be pausing at 2:50AM PDT Friday July 13 (activating 9 degrees of Aries). Expecting the unexpected is advised.

Next back up July 14 Mercury’s turn to halt at 13 degrees of Leo (7:16PM PDT) and begin a three-week retrograde cycle that lasts until August 7.  Back up the Back up! Because Mercury is in charge of all things communication and travel and Uranus rules electronics and new inventions,  so be advise your patience may be tested with all things mechanical that help you get around in this virtual world and on the high way of life. Be kind to your IPhone she’s not out to get you.

In the mean time the fractious alignment Pluto square Uranus is in full swing.  Change, Change, Change is the norm for everyday life and there will be no going back to the “good old days”.

Much of the information is from care2 Astrology

Also read my daily blog at Light Words to keep you grounded for 2012.

If you need explanations of how these aspects are affecting your life I can be reached for an Astrology reading at carolisle@earthlink.net

Blessings All


Mother’s Day Celestial Extravaganza In Taurus

Petals of beauty and practicality fall at our feet

First of All Today

Taurus welcomes Mercury into his bull pen today May 9th. Our thought processes may slow down enough to get those bright ideas we had while the messenger god was in innovative Aries. Practical and beautiful projects can get off the ground  now.

Golden opportunities are springing up all over the place

– thanks to a life-enriching Sun-Jupiter parallel (5:39AM PDT)May 9th. If you are scratching your head trying to remember what a parallel is, then the key is to realize this is an aspect connected to the Celestial Equator rather than the ecliptic or apparent Sun’s path in the zodiac. Right now – from our vantage point on Earth – the Sun and Jupiter are both inhabiting 17+ degrees north of our Celestial Equator and this is called a parallel. It is similar to a zodiacal union and this Sun-Jupiter extravaganza is actually a stalking horse for this coming Mother’s Day Sunday actual conjunction of these two celestial bodies at 24 degrees of Taurus.  Having the two largest cosmic entities in our solar system together will offer up an enlightening vibes. From Care 2 Cosmic Calendar

Take this time to seek guides and guidance from Earthy beings plants and animals, fairies and the Farmers Almanac. We are moving closer to the Pluto Uranus square that signals the opening gate for the much storied upheavals of 2012 . What ever you do to keep your feet on the ground and present to each moment will serve you well.  Rick Hanson Just One Thing  offers  insightful thoughts on how to walk in the beauty of now and not worry.

Many Blessings

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Phoenix Rising Full Moon

I hope everyone is aware of this fantastic full moon. The 48 hours surrounding it is a powerful time. Be aware of what is blooming growing and rising in you. the Sabian symbol for now is The Phoenix Rising.  Because of the power of this full moon you can get a sense of how you function during full moons and begin to use that energy each month.

What a Night

The  possible big bright Moon shine

beat out both local teems winning

and  Presidents running

I dashed outside just in time

to bask in the glow.

I  nestled among the roses

the Moon rose golden

a blooming  source so bright

all the growing beings

couldn’t help themselves

so joined her and exploded into bloom

causing a riot of snow

and sweet peas, squash and cactus.

Now that is news!

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A Health View of Retro Mercury

A Period of Reflecting

A helpful guide through the next few weeks for one and all.  From We’moon

“Mercury  Went Retrograde March 12th

Mercury, planetary muse and mentor of our mental and communicative lives, appears to reverse its course three or four times a year. We may benefit from less stress when it retrogrades by making allowances for a symbolic “sleep cycle.”

These periods give us permission to pause and go back over familiar territory, reflecting and giving second thoughts to dropped projects or miscommunications. Breakdowns can help us attend to the safety of mechanical and mobility modes. It’s time to “recall the now” of the past and pay attention to underlying issues. Leave matters that lock in future commitments until Mercury goes direct.”