The Earth Calls

Join Me In A Virtual Taurus New Moon Ritual

This video is the music for the ritual. The words of this beautiful hymn by Jeniffer Berezan in praise of the world certainly describes the Earth sign Taurus.

First The Astrology News

The Venus fueled  Sun’s entered  into Taurus April 19 followed by Taurus New Moon April 21. We have the solid Earth beneath our feet for the first time after a topsi-y-tuvy winter.  The mood will shift from the shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later mentality of Aries to calm, cool and collected Taurus.

These days from the 19th – 24th can seem like a merging of just the right ingredients to break down barriers that may have been holding back the tides of change.” says the Astrologer Gloria Starr. To take full advantage of this mix of stardust I invite you to:

Join in A simple New Moon Intention Setting Ritual

This can be done any time around the New Moon. And really writing affirmations and sitting quietly are highly recommenced any time.

 introduction For centuries the time around the dark of the Moon we humans have found to be the best time to plant seed. And we have also gathered together set the course of our lives by setting our intention related to the sign of that New Moon. Some themes of the Taurus New Moon are:

Money, Sensual Pleasure, Contentment, Perseverance, Patience, Self Worth, Releasing Stubbornness, and the health around the throat, chin, neck, voice and coughs.

I Sit comfortably and play the video   Chose one or two  of  the themes that call to you to focus on. Just let the music wash over you.


I want to  easily find myself creating financial independence.

Words like easily find and totally lifted before what you want makes you you relax into your intention and your brain believe it.

A good affirmation for  Stubbornness might be “I want all self-defeating stubbornness easily lifted from me”

II Sharing so you know your not doing it alone. The Whole world can help you hold those intentions. You can just a write simple statement like I am planting seeds of intention about……..fill in the blank.  For example: I am planting seeds of intention about having a persistent cough totally lifted from me.

There is no right or wrong way to do any of this.  If you need to you can email me personally, or those near by can phone.

I would be also be interested if this is something you would like to do again next month?



  1. Thanks, Carol’!
    I am moving more deeply and comfortably into my commitments.
    I allow that which I value and love, to be its own real way.
    Every day I release more fear of being heard, and unheard.

    Yep, it’s a lot, but I’m having a busy month!

  2. This is great….Thanks and btw, love Gloria Starr!!!! She did my chart for years and as I moved about the country I lost track of her. I wonder if she is still in Norman Okla???? Great lady and excellent charts. Thank you for reminding me….VK

    1. So glad you like this 🙂 G.S. writes for Mountain Astrologer and a monthly newsletter. She now lives in New England. I will forward you here contact info. C

  3. Thanks for sharing and actually you wrote my affirmation… slightly different but still:
    I want to easily find myself creating financial independence and be able to fulfill my dreams.

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