Finding Our Place In the Sun

Mother Earth is Calling

I have noticed many of us say things about want our mothers and I have wondered what the stars are trying to tell us. The best I can figure is the “that which you are seeking is causing you to seek” paradox.  We are in the midst if an Earth Grand Trine.  Powerful Mars, expansive Jupiter and intense Pluto are all in positive cahoots saying “you are grounded and supported in all your endeavors” just pay attention to MOTHER EARTH in the process. For extremely airy fiery folks that can be a healthy but challenging prospect. Giving yourself a big warm ceramic mug Loving Kindness everyday will take you and yours a long way.

Smooth Running

Daily life from now, the end of April until May 15 ought to run smoothly and move forward with ease because all personal planets are direct.  NOW is the time to get projects off the ground as well as set in motion that which will support creative solutions for more dramatic times.  Getting your first aide kits  up to date and your fiances on solid ground are some task that you might want to thin about and are high lighted Now.

The Full Moon Express

The Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Pluto pile up should make  next Saturday’s Super Full Moon intense and busy.  the watery pull of the Scorpio Moon at her closest point to there Earth will shine light on what our place is in the scheme of things and where we need to dig deeper to accomplish what we were sent her to do. Since you are reading this you understand the it’s not an accident that you are here at this cross roads of time.  Ask yourself “What is place in midwifing a new paradigm, a new culture?

Above all it is a time to take stock of what has grown in your garden that you planted at the New Moon?

In the Middle of all this excitement we have the wonderful magical cross quarter celebration of May Day with multicolored silk ribbons of light wrapping us all to a center pole of love and connection.  Get out Dance, Work and Eat Lemon Poppy seed Cake, the symbol of the bright Summer Sun and the seed we are planting.


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