Finding our Way Home

The Great Turning is Upon upon us

Mars planet of action and staring projects is turning around and going direct in the sign of the virgin Earth Goddess Shepherdess of our soulful every day living. Oh how I wish she could wave her crook and all our sheep and goats would find there way home by Saturday April 14th. Unfortunately it will take a while to feel the forward motion fully but I find it helpful to just know THINGS CHANGE!

Since New Years 2012 one planet or another has be in what appears to be going backwards. During this time we have been cocooning growing into who we want to be.

  • Look at what has been frustrating you the most to see what you want to do next.
  • Be gentle with yourself  3 months of inaction might mean your muscles are a little shaky like getting off ice skates or a boat.
  • Activate your sense of wonder  curiosity about this new world of possibilities.
  • Know that everyone around you has been in the same awkward place as you as we all stumble around getting our barrings. We may trip over each other.
  • Don’t be afraid to us the magic words. “Oops Sorry
  • Remember we chose to be here at this time to be part of this exciting evolutionary process.


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