What Venus And Mercury Have to Say About Your Vote on Election Day

I graduated from high school in 1964 a lot has changed but some things stay the same. Venus the ruler of the all that is feminine ask us to honor her and vote for the candidate that respects the sanctity of a Woman’s. body.

In other Celestial News Mercury the planet of communication, electronics, travel is going retrograde around 6:30 November 6th EST. What this means snafus, miss communications, and a backing up and going over everything that went before. Sound familiar? It should, that is what happened in 2000. There is one difference it is at a different degree, this time the symbol is a Wise Owl. Let’s hope and pray that this close election will be watch over by a spirit of Wisdom that learns from the past.

I suspect that those trying to vote in states hit by Sandy will not be done by closing time and voting hours will have to be extended into the night when owls come out. Let’s hope that’s all there is to it.

Many Blessings



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