How To Look at 2012 Scorpio Eclipse

Eclipse watchers last summer

Be Ready To Dance With The Dark

My friends in New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific are in for a 4 min solar eclipse November 13. ( I look forward to pictures.) The rest of won’t be able to see it but we will  feel the results of the interruption of constant stream of solar radiation. This annual meeting of the Moon and Sun and Earth comes in the mysterious and shadowy sign of Scorpio. Scorpio has it’s dark reputation because it is ruled by king of the Underworld Pluto, the god that demands that we must pay our dues by facing our personal shadows. If we release the energy usually held tight in fear of being found out a great treasure could be found.

Scorpio Rules Spys General Petreaus, a Scorpio, is setting the example of how to deal with shadow.  What is he getting by revealing what he did in the dark?  It is easy to say why didn’t he just keep quiet.  But he is an honorable man and has always put his country first.  He will come away with his self respect while he makes the country safe from blackmail.  Oh yes and he probably learns the lesson that he is human. Our desires and hungers our  are terrible gifts that makes for a juicy life.

The Treasure:No matter what your circumstances expect light to be brought to the dark this coming week. If nothing else you will find a favorite shoe under the bed. At a party once, we started telling stories about what was the most interesting found in coat pockets. We came up with jewelry, cash, checks, lost love letters….you get the picture.

This same eclipse took put 19 years ago November 1993. Those of you old enough might want to reflect on  what dramatic powerful event took place in your life. It might help make creative choices or not being taken unaware over the next few weeks.

Remember we are coming to the end of a year that will reset how we will move forward as a people willing to live sustainably on our precarious  planet. Our choices matter every day.

Many Blessings



      1. this made me think because, no I’ve never worked in advertising. I think, though, that I have the flip side of a BS detector. When someone writes or shares from their from a conscious or enlightened place, I seem to be able to intuitively zero into the heart of the matter. Hmmm, I like that!

        1. Yes I do experience you getting to the heart of my heart! I am always pleased when I am the recipient of it because I know I have hit the mark 🙂

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