Twenty Twelve Blooms Bright

Tinny Cactus Blossum

Be prepared for 2012   My yearly Forecast of  Myth and Meaning and  Symbols of this year will be January 14th  7pm in Albany sign up on my face book page.

Now is Lovely Time to Make Resolutions

We are offered a clear message at the opening of 2012 that humanity needs to understand the esoteric message of experiencing Harmony through Conflict – the keynote of one of the seven rays associated with the seven colors of the rainbow linking heaven to earth. When you are making New Year’s resolutions, keep in mind that the first day of 2012 actually carries a buoyant and optimistic tone.

The  delightful Moon sextile Venus sets the tone early in the day  January 1, 2012.   How about we capture that delicate light and use it for a guiding light through the labyrinth of this much heralded “end of the world” year.

My take on all the noise about this new year being so auspicious is that it is a wake up call to pay attention and set intention. Our brains works on images and symbols and metaphors. Cultures for centuries all over the world have create images to guide human to understand the unknowns of the future. Everything from our dreams, the Mayan Calendar to the Chinese Dragon (this years animal) are here to guide and teach us to be our best self our and best community.  I don’t have to tell you how our planet is in trouble but it is our souls and our hearts are what will save it. Listening closely to that still small voices is a good way to start.

The symbols from  Astrology are stepping up to guide us right from the beginning of the year. Starting with Mars, January 22, each of the personal planets will be retrograde for a number of weeks. until the beginning of July.  We will have a chance  search the meaning of our Power with Mars, our Love with Venus our structure with Saturn and finally our communication with Mercury.  I will Keep you posted for the exact dates

There’s more astrology in 2012 coming your way through Carolisle and my forecast. I’ll be happy to be your guide.
Happy New Year, Have no Fear, We’ll all be here Next Year.


  1. Carol, your blog has been a lovely way to punctuate my year. Sometimes I forget to pause and consider my bearings in as positive a light as I could. Thanks for reminding me all through 2011, and may you continue this good work in the coming year as well.

    I do appreciate our friendship, even in my hermitage. A BIG HUG TO YOU!


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