Winter Solstise A Gift from Nature

Gifts From Nature

I went to the I Ching to discern what I should be focusing on for my Solstice Blog for you. I first got Connecting then that became Turning Point. Here is what it said.

Nature moves in a continuously unfolding cycle of seasons and there is no point at which its motion entirely stops. Nevertheless, we can sense a kind of pause that happens on the cusps of these cyclical changes. At the Winter solstice the period of rest and darkness reaches its zenith and the season of activity and light begin to return and the whole of nature holds its breath for a moment.  A subtle shift takes place. TAO Oracle Ma Deva Pad

The gift we can look forward to is that “Still Point”  0 Capricorn which will occur at 9;30 pm PST December 21.  No matter where you are or what your doing it will happen. Give yourself the gift of attending to that moment  of shift however you please; anything from a rousing Welcome Yule to a silent prayer for peace or both.  Participate in the tilt!

In early Roman times Solstice was celebrated as Saturnalia when Jupiter freed  Saturn from his chains and wild partying followed and the roll of servant and lords were reversed. To me it seems as thought the laws of gravity are repealed for just a moment.  After all Saturn is the ruler of all structures from our walls of our homes to our bones. What if they were unbound would we fall fall down or fly like angels of birds or Santa in his sleight? See where all these myths might come from. Something to think about but no to hard. Remember angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.

In other Sky News:

Christmas Eve is a New Moon a great time for setting intention regarding creating healthy future structure in your life.

Finally a Quick Look into The New Year

The Sun and Moon are squared in the chart for New Year’s Day which is quite interesting, because it often indicates what is coming  the year to come, the much–storied and magically invoked year of 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new phase in the affairs of planet earth, at least by some accounts. Indeed this is a potent year that is a–dawning, as we can judge also by the culmination of the UranusPluto square that would represent the quarter phase of that planetary relationship – birthed in the sixties and with many past revolutionary cycles to the list of its historical appearances, including the time of the French Revolution, when these planets were opposed. And indeed a new revolution for our times has been brewing lately, one that has been getting more and more intense as the years leading up to 2012 have rolled by.  Henry Seltzer astrologer

For a closer look at 2012 I am offering 2 New Year Forecast. January 14th at UUCB  and one in my home later in January sign up by Jan. 2 to receive a written personal report along with the forecast.

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Blessings to you all and I want to thank everyone who signed up to receive Carolisle directly.


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