The Mother Ship Has Landed

Mother Ship?

The Here and Now An Astrology Report

Shift Happened  If you are feeling out of focus and that strange wobble in everyday life remember  February 3rd Neptune move into Pisces. Now as I write Neptune is conjunct Mercury a waffley pairing.  February 18th the Sun climbs aboard the mother ship of illusion and dreams followed shortly Feb. 21st by the Moon.

Dreams and other inspired stories of the soul could have a visceral effect that would make it easy to mistake fiction for fact and illusions for actualities. There is the potential to get lost in the Dreamtime, and that’s only a problem if you need to function in real time. Ralfee Finn Aquarium Age

What are we space cadets to do? I had method in my madness writing yesterday about Centering. Find a real tangible object and hang on and enjoy the ride.

The New Moon coincides with Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. Grab those colored beads and set intuitions to embrace heightened intuition and dream journalism.

Photo: Light fixture At Chicken And Waffles Jack London Square Oakland CA.

I need a realty check myself I need to know if human being are reading this and it has meaning for you. Leave me a message or just click like. Likes are Mardi Gras beads for me.





  1. Carol, I’m reading you loud and clear. Feeling pretty shifty, me. Mars going back over the ascendant. Chopping at hedges. :}

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