The Blessing and Challenges of The Sun and Many Planets In Pisces:

At the ford
As we cross the ford we must ask: What is real? What is illusion or delusion? Where is solid ground?

For the next month the cosmos will be requiring us to live in and focus on all that is fluid. Every form. from water, snow, chemicals, sneezes, to emotion and imagination. Some we can’t live with out and others might destroy us. Paradox could be another word for Pisces the sign of two fish swimming in opposite directions.

As a child wasn’t is wonderful to swim under water with your eyes open? Everything was strange and beautiful, floating, but you we could become easily disoriented. Up could become down or you would bump into the side of the pool. That is how life on earth may feel when all the personal planets are in the 12th sign of of the zodiac Pisces.  Add Neptune the ruler of Pisces to the mix we are  truly diving into a watery world.

FYI this is a rare occurrence, you might even say we are sailing off into uncharted waters. It might be fun to pay attention to how many watery metaphors you and the news are using as we get into the swim of things, or shall I say go with the flow. Those are two way to navigate a world where one could be swept away by beauty one moment and drowned by addiction the next.

To help us through to the other side Pluto is in Capricorn and Saturn is in Scorpio. What that means is that our bones, our structures, our rules of behavior are firmly in place as vehicles for reality checks when you need them.  What did your old dad tell you about…now is time to listen for the words of the ancestors. All this being said you could come up on shore on the first day of Spring with new and creative way  of solving (dissolving obsticals) problems Here are two wise women’s comments on our dive into Pisces:

During Mutable Water Pisces month, February 18-March 20, we turn inwards to our tender places and intimate dreams. Our energy may be low, but this can help us do less and process more, review the story of our year, compost its lessons, and dream the future before we begin a new cycle. Our challenge is to stay grounded in the moment.
— Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2012
Pisces Born: [and we all have Pisces in our charts] increased sensitivity and less motivating energy, gift of Neptune’s presence in your sign, becomes slightly more comfortable in 2013. You feel bolder, more playful and creative from mid-year on. Art allows you to channel sensitivity without being negatively affected by the uncertainty around you.
— Gretchen Lawlor © Mother Tongue Ink 2012


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