Ring Of Fire Solar Eclipse 2nd Eclipse of the Year

Sun kfjak
Looking into an eclipsed sun 

Long ago a solar eclipse marked a time thought of as “The King is Dead”…What has been a ruler of your life that it is no longer needed…you needs to be dethrone.. This is a good time to let go!!!

The second of three eclipses in a row forms on Thursday, May 9. Solar eclipses are extra powerful new moons; they mark the end of a 19-year cycle and the beginning of a higher octave or new direction. On May 10, 1994,

This is the second of three South Node eclipses urging us to release old patterns and beliefs. The Earth, as well as our body, stores information in the form of energy imprints. Traumatic experiences can affect us so deeply that their residues obstruct energy flows in our body — and in cases of war and other disasters, the Earth’s energy flows are likewise impeded. South Node eclipses help us to release the accumulation of negative thought forms and imprints which are blocking evolution, both personally and globally. For practical and powerful ways to heal personal trauma, read The Trauma Tool Kit by Susan Pease Banitt. For planetary healing methods, read Marko Pogacnik’s Healing the Heart of the Earth. Stephanie Austin EcoAstrology

Even if you don’t align with this celestial event today,  note that the effect of this event has been leaving it’s finger prints on daily life for many weeks already and will still be in available to us for up to the next 6 months.

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