May Day Can’t Come Soon Enough This Year!

Bright Rose of May offers a reminder of JOY!
Bright Rose of May offers a reminder of JOY!

We need May Day this year more then ever to remind us life goes on, blooms and dances even when there is sadness, tragedy or danger lurking…We Must Choose Joy!

Beltane / May Day — Wednesday 
The hills are greening, flowers bloom; there’s birdsong, nestmaking and gardens waiting for blessing. With the Maiden Earth in ovulation, creatures are enlivened, inclined to entwine! Warm hearted, we stretch in the sun, walk barefoot in the new grass, bear the spring rains with good cheer and gratefulness. Passions stir—flashes of sweet desire, hot lightning of anger, gusts of giddiness, heartbreaks of grief and fits of unbearable joy. How to meet these relentless tremors? Dance!
— Marion Spadone © Mother Tongue Ink 2012


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