Search for Asclepius: Sometime You CAN Get What You Want!

Not all of you get Light Words so I’m passing this on to show you what I did on the New Moon. Many Blessings

Light Words

Milkweed seed packet

Milkweed seed packet

I kept miss sing the Rolling Stones as I drove home with my milkweed seed packet. After much searching for milkweed starts the local everything nursery (Berkeley Horticulture) had the seeds and even gave me planting instruction. “Oh they’re beautiful plants,” the nurseryman said, “just plant them behind the vegetables, because Asclepias tends to attract aphids.”

I had wanted to plant milkweed in my garden ever since last fall, when I went to the Butterfly sanctuary in Santa Cruz.  The hill I live on the foot of is a stop over for Monarchs, so I hope to invite these visitors to my garden.  While looking for milkweed I, of course, went to Wikipedia to find out more about it. I knew that Asclepius was the ancient Greek God of medicine and healing but I didn’t know this plant called a weed, Asclepias, is considered a powerful healing herb. ” Carl…

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