Light Words

Crewel April

We are Fools to Fear

On the first day of April
The last cold wind from  winter’s cave
into her ears and blew  
across her face.
“He took her! She’s gone!”
Demeter cried, 
pulled her hair and ran 
searching for sweet Persephone.
All that day
No one could calm the mother
of Spring.
No one could make her believe
the truth of spring,
not even the flowers
that bloomed in the foot prints
of  the Maiden Persephone.
All day her beloved daughter 
was lost to this
 courageous goddess, mother, crone.
The Winter wind laughed, 
“You fool!
See, I robbed you of one
precious day
with a just a whiff of
what you fear the most.”
© 4/1/13 Carol Carlisle
According to Folklorist and Anthropologist Donald Dorsy this  chapter from the myth of Persephone and Demeter is one of origins of April 1st as a day for trickery, and foolishness.

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