Light Words

We attended a party to celebrate the installation and completion of this door. It is a perfect example of the practical magic of  Taurus Full Moon. We  drank champagne and ate strawberries all because the front door in a small bungalow has been turned into a work of art through loving attention and hard work. All qualities of the Venus ruled sign of Taurus.

Here is a suggestion of another way to open the door of practical Tuarus Full Moon  magic .

This Monday, October 29, at 6:30 pm Pacific Time, all are called on to do a 15-minute meditation, just do it in your own home, parked car, on a break from work, or whatever works best.

PURPOSE: To Set the intention of happy, calm interactions with Money and Finances.    Clear your mind, make a smile and a happy feeling, apply that feeling to the thought of Money and…

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