Tides of Change Redux

WordPress or my computer ate this post. I’m republishing it just to be safe. Tides of Change seem to be coming fast and furious!

Choosing to participate in the tides of change is better then being drug down by the undertow.

I don’t mean to sound dire, I just want just giving you a heads up that one of the many shifts of this year will begin at weeks end.  October 5th  Saturn the stern father and manners and structure keeper will move into the sign of Scorpio. This will  demand we dive deeper in all the relationships we have come upon in the last 2 years while Saturn was in Libra.  Now remember, relationships are not just human partnerships. Think of anything that has called for a great deal of your attention and or admiration: the new electronic gadget,  a piece of land, a critter a candidate… you get the drill.  Don’t be too surprised if in the next few weeks something or someone unexpected may come into realm of awareness to demand you attention.  The hidden will be made known!

Some of you, or those around you may have already had a “September Surprise” good or bad. Look to them as foreshadowing of things to come.  Now that I have said that remember the Secret of Alchemy is what you put your attention on is what you manifest.  Do Not Cultivate Fear!


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