Light Words




where was it I saw the dragonfly?


we both went about our lives in separate ways


undisturbed each tasting

the fresh air along the creek.


holds us with her roots and her leaves

to a single place on Earth,

a place untamed.


This world is at the end of my block,

down a short path, outside of city time.

My breath slows.

We, dragonfly and I,

notice a tangle of light and berries,

jay calls,

and for a single moment,

we become a constellation

of shooting stars.


Dragonfly dances

forward and backward

guiding me to

return home

to wildness.

Carol Carlisle

P.S. Because dragonflies are the only insect that can fly forward and backwards thee are given to people leaving home to ensure they find there way home. May we all find our way home  safely each day we dive into the dark…

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