Music of the Spheres Reminds Us We Are Star Dust

 Listen to this Lovely Remix to receive a download of Star Dust 🙂

I love it when Astrology and Astronomy conjoin to create a symphony of truth. FYI these sciences were once one. Keep a hold  of the the beauty and faith downloaded during this last full moon there will be another before the August is over.  Keep in mind we are in the middle of a the cosmic shift  and it is ripe for picking NOW ! You must choose to accept it. It won’t feel as good if it is forced upon you. And when things don’t feel so good or as Pema Choron author of “When Things Fall Apart” says “you feel squeezed” ask yourself what are you being asked to pay attention too?

What has changed in your life since May 1? What do expect to change by September 23?

I would love to hear how the stars are treating you this year or do you need advise or direction about how to dance with the Stars leave me a message in the comments.


  1. Carol, wonderful video. I guess Joni Mitchell had it right in “Woodstock” 🙂 Yes, the world does seem to be shifting; I am always intrigued when astrology and my own sense of things coincide.

    1. Joni Mitchell I couldn’t remember! I am intrigued when we have interactive blogging. So glad you have returned to the blogesphere. I hope your world is shifting in a good direction 🙂

        1. Yes! Here’s another Amen! I posted this early Sunday morning and it just so happened that a Jazz combo played Star Dust at church a few hours later It was a Wo Wo moment! Now I have to get out my vinyl 🙂 FYI I go to the Unitarian church.

  2. Fabulous videos! My 23-year-old son was already a Symphony of Science fan and recognized the sound. His coming home for the summer and planning to leave again in September is about all that seems to be changing in my life. I guess we’ll have an “empty nest” again soon.

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