Augest 1st Brings One Powerful Full Moon


The Sun and the Moon rise and set at the same time on the Full Moon.

It is not every month that begins with a rousing Full Moon.

Therefore, be ready to receive a wave of enlightening vibrations at 8:29PM PDT when the Full Moon (activating 11 degrees of Leo and Aquarius) arrives with full force. There is a reminder that you can increase the value of your investments via out-of-the-box thinking and tapping into ingenious ideas.

Shortly before the Full Moon takes place It is a time to think about cutting edge of alternative medicine and holistic healing. When the Full Moon strikes, individual and group meditations are encouraged. Send out your positive thoughts and prayers to help the needy and disenfranchised.

Think more about your higher destiny as a human soul than about fulfilling lower-level desires. Additionally golden opportunities for advancement across the board abound overnight — courtesy of a constructive, 60-degree contact from the Sun to Jupiter (forming exactly at 2:57AM PDT tomorrow).

Thank you Care 2 Astrology for exact times.


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