Cancer New Moon Washes Upon Our Shore Today

New Moon in in Watery Cancer calls attention to the ever changing tides of emotions as well as who we share our tables with. Now is time to choose what is good for our personal and collective digestions.

The New Moon in late Cancer taking place on Wednesday evening, July 18th, is a powerful one.

For one thing this New Moon squares Saturn, slowing us down. In another quite significant and yet contrary development, a strongly aspected Mars has come into exact opposition to Uranus – making for an exciting, lively and potentially accident-prone time.

Pluto square of these summer skies that is still quite active, being currently less than a degree from exact.

Then, too, Mercury has only just recently retrograded, and makes a quincunx aspect to Chiron, bringing a deeper meaning to the transformational tension of this timeframe, one that relates to inner wounding with regard to some important part of ourselves, and, ultimately, to healing in these crucial areas.

Thank you AstroGraph for this wisdom.


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