Solstice Once Again Invites Our Intentions

Passion Flower is the perfect off-kilter Compass Rose for setting our direction at the turning of the season in 2012. We are at the extremes of light and dark. Paying attention to where we’ve been and where we are going is demanded right now as we proceed through the rest of the Labyrinth of 2012.

New Moon, Summer Solstice, Venus returning from her stay in the Underworld!  The Heavens are in a celestial traffic jam!!  What’s an Earthling to do? (invitation to a ritual celebration below)

June 20 Stand still, like the sun (remember solstice is when the sun stands still). Review where you’ve been for the last 6 months. When your ready set intention. New Moon is when farmers plant seeds. The rest of us plant seeds of ideas small nuggets that will blossom into full blown projects come the Full Moon.

Again on June 20, the Sun makes its celebrated move into Cancer. The next month will demand that more time and attention be spent on your home, family, emotional life and all-things domestic. This doesn’t mean you can’t be creative or ambitious — you’ll simply find that you’re bound to have more success doing whatever truly comes from your heart. Watch out for Cancer’s moody tendencies and recognize that if you’re feeling down, it’s only fleeting. Otherwise, enjoy the comforts of home and the deeper bonds you’ll develop with loved ones throughout this time! (Thank you for your words: Care 2 Astrology)

A Word or two from super Astrologer Caroline Casey about Venus “Let’s cahoot with Venus emerging from the Underworld embarking on her triumphant global tour, with the anti-dote to the compensatory hyper-yang and sociopathic disregard for life currently wreaking havok.”

Summer Solstice and Sun into Cancer— Wednesday June 20

The seasonal cycle of the year is created by the tilt of the Earth’s axis, leaning toward or away from the Sun, north to south, as the Earth orbits the Sun. Solstices are the extreme points all over the world when the days and nights are longest or shortest. Seasonal celebrations of most cultures cluster around natural turning points, here are a few of the world’s many holydays around summer solstice. Sun and fire festivals—Niman Kachina (Hopi). Goddess Festivals: Isis (Egyptian), Lithia (North African), Yellow Corn Mother (Taino), Ishtar (Babylonian), Hestia (Greek), Sunna (Norse).
—Excerpted from We’Moon 2012 pg. 26 © Mother Tongue Ink 2003

As we celebrate this year’s seasonal rituals, we ask: how can we use the energy of these points on the solar wheel to express the deep transformations of 2012? In earth centered traditions, seasonal rituals not only celebrate change, they create it. As the Chrysalis of transformation hangs on the topmost branch of the World Tree, may our seasonal rituals become the birthing chants that call forth the new society, emerging bright-winged into a rejuvenated world.

— Frodo Okulam, excerpted from We’Moon 2012, p. 27 © Mother Tonge Ink 2011

I invite anyone in my neighborhood to join me around sunset June 20, 8-830 to Albany Beach. We will Toast to what we are intending for the rest of the year and Boast about our accomplishments and heroic acts of the first half of the year have been. “I have written a blog a day for since January 1 2012!” is my boast what is yours?

If you can’t get here “I lift a glass to you and yours!”

Many Blessings,



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