A Preview of Celestial Movement for June: In Between the Light We are Translated, Transformed and Connected

The Time for Change is Now

Pieces of eclipsed Sun light

 Since the Sunday May 20th Solar Eclipse we have enter into a between time of filtered light and waiting not unlike the pre-winter season of Advent which often is a time of watching and waiting  for gifts to soon arrive. However now we are own gift to one another IF WE PAY ATTENTION!

Synchronicity no matter how small increase extending our awareness of our connectedness. I have lost count of the number of conversations I have had about individuals direct experiences their own place in the Web of Life, the Matrix or as Jewels in Indra’s Net.

The light that we are use to is softened by and even interrupted changing our outlook, as well as,  some say our DNA by the Solar Eclipse, May 20 Lunar Eclipse June 4  culminating in Venus eclipsing the Sun June 5 in what is known as the transit of Venus.

Sun, Moon and Venus Major lights in our sky are flickering dancing in the sign of Gemini the relationship and communication coach of our solar system.  Signifying the time is ripe to notice, learn, practice beaming light from our solar plexus.

EVEN WHEN WE ARE SQUEEZED, WRONG HURT OR FRUSTRATED. What’s interesting is that no matter what the circumstances of life right now there is help, another being ready to to aid you. Sort of like a constant life spell check by your side. And you may get to be that for someone, too.

June 4: Lunar Eclipse/SuperMoon 14º08’ Gem-Sag conjunct Great Attractor; Neptune Rx 3º09’ Pisces

June 5: 2nd Transit of Venus across Sun ( last time June 2004, occurs in intervals 121, 8, 105,8 years)

June 11: Jupiter enters Gemini; Chiron Rx 9º45’ Pisces; Mercury square Uranus/Pluto
June 19: New Moon (28º43’ Gemini); opposite Galactic Center (27º Sagittarius)
June 20: Summer Solstice 4:09 PM PDT
June 24: 1st exact Uranus square Pluto (8º Aries-Capricorn)
June 25: Saturn turns direct (23º Libra); Jupiter square Neptune (3º Gemini-Pisces)
June 27: Venus turns direct (7º Gemini)
June 29: Sun opposite Pluto and square Uranus (Cardinal T at 8º Cancer-Capricorn-Aries)


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