I put this in Light Words but I wanted to make sure that folks who fallow the Stars on Carolisle learn about Transit of Venus, too Carol

Light Words

I am putting out a heads up now so you can make plans to View

Venus Passing in Front of the Sun

June 4th and 5th 2012

This won’t happen again for over a century. NASA calls it EARTH SUN DAY! Check out their web site to find a place to view it near you. For local folks, I will be going to Chabot Space & Science Museum in Oakland. There is also Mount Hamilton Observatory, Lawrence Hall of Science and the Exporitorium

This won’t be like the Solar Eclipse that was limited to a small stripe of the Earth and only lasted about an hour. Much of the Earth can view it and it lasts for hours. What is observable is the dot that is Venus traipsing across the top of the sun.

Here’s what NASA has to say about one little Black Dot

More about Venus…

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