Venus Retrograde and Solar Eclipse Invite Transformation

Today Venus stands still and changes directions and then appears to go backwards.

Is she turning her back on us is beauty and love and all we value abandoning us?  Listening to the news of the economy of Europe it may seem yes. Is is not a good time to make big purchase or in or invest (darn I was going to buy Facebook stock 😉 ).

As any retrograde time it is time to review or renew, restore remodel.  Things, friends, lovers all that you value are getting a second look. For some it may feel extra breeze. However Wise Woman Venus knows what she’s doing because slowly she will be backing away from a tightfisted Saturn square attempting to control that which is creative and beautiful.

Be  like the silk scarf floating between the Gemini twins and just stay gently connected to all you love during the next 3 weeks.

Practical Facts and Ways to Dance With Venus

May 15 Venus comes to a halt at 24 degrees of Gemini (7:34AM PDT) and begins six-weeks of retrograde motion that lasts until June 27. Then She will move forward preparing for her Rare encounter with the Sun June 4-5 Transit of Venus. Details at the end of the month.

Venus is only retrograde every 18 months and

Now an excellent time to review and re-evaluate everything Venusian

  • love bonds, beauty themes,
  • social activities, your creative artistic expression,
  • ways to save money,
  • your personal magnetism
  • your value system – developed since your childhood
  • through the educational and business realms.

It is especially wise for all women to take stock of their primary partnerships and come up with new ways to improve or transform those partnerships. In general, both men and women need to be more sensitive and understanding to the dear ones who help to turn their world around on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Thank you Care 2 Astrology

In other News: Annular Solar Eclipse — Sunday May 20th
Pause to look behind. What happened 19 years ago that is circling back around asking you to be finished or take the next step?  Also it’s a good time to set intentions to transcend apparent polarities.

To make the best use of these changes: Give Yourself the Gift of Self Knowledge Though Astrology with an Astrology Reading  write

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