Mother’s Day Celestial Extravaganza In Taurus

Petals of beauty and practicality fall at our feet

First of All Today

Taurus welcomes Mercury into his bull pen today May 9th. Our thought processes may slow down enough to get those bright ideas we had while the messenger god was in innovative Aries. Practical and beautiful projects can get off the ground  now.

Golden opportunities are springing up all over the place

– thanks to a life-enriching Sun-Jupiter parallel (5:39AM PDT)May 9th. If you are scratching your head trying to remember what a parallel is, then the key is to realize this is an aspect connected to the Celestial Equator rather than the ecliptic or apparent Sun’s path in the zodiac. Right now – from our vantage point on Earth – the Sun and Jupiter are both inhabiting 17+ degrees north of our Celestial Equator and this is called a parallel. It is similar to a zodiacal union and this Sun-Jupiter extravaganza is actually a stalking horse for this coming Mother’s Day Sunday actual conjunction of these two celestial bodies at 24 degrees of Taurus.  Having the two largest cosmic entities in our solar system together will offer up an enlightening vibes. From Care 2 Cosmic Calendar

Take this time to seek guides and guidance from Earthy beings plants and animals, fairies and the Farmers Almanac. We are moving closer to the Pluto Uranus square that signals the opening gate for the much storied upheavals of 2012 . What ever you do to keep your feet on the ground and present to each moment will serve you well.  Rick Hanson Just One Thing  offers  insightful thoughts on how to walk in the beauty of now and not worry.

Many Blessings

Give yourself the gift of self knowledge through Astrology I am available for consolations in person or skype at Carolisle


  1. Welcome to Carolisle. So Glad you you stopped by, I hope you are fallowing the up coming Venus transit post.It is an exciting time for star gazing!

  2. Very enriching. I wouldn’t know until I read your post. I have so much to learn and discover. Wonderful post. This words were beautiful, “Golden opportunities are springing up all over the place …” Thanks.

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