3 Planets Change Dirction bringing Clarity, Decisiveness and Stability in April

This year, April is all about bringing clarity, decisiveness and stability to your world. Check out my list of April’s most important transits to learn about all the cosmically active days you have to look forward to this coming month!

April 3: Flirty Venus saunters into light-hearted Gemini, making you the ultimate social butterfly. This may be superficial and frivolous .. but at least you’ll have lots of fun!

April 4: Mercury turns direct in Pisces, at which point communication and technology will finally begin to work smoothly once again.

April 6: A full Moon rises in Libra and forces you to ask yourself: Do you want to fly solo or be engaged in a meaningful partnership?

April 10: Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn, indicating that it’s time to go back to the drawing board and refine your professional and financial plans.

April 14: With Mars turning direct in Virgo, decisive action will become easier and delayed projects will finally get the green light.

April 15: As Saturn opposes the Sun, one of two sides of the taskmaster planet will appear. On one hand, you could have to deal with separations caused by negativity and criticism; on the other hand, Saturn may help you place loyalty and duty above all else, thus creating stronger bonds.

April 16: Mercury soars into Aries, allowing you to ditch the red tape and get straight to the point!

April 19: The Sun transitions into Taurus to bring stability, a more deliberate pace … and further reasons to indulge yourself!

April 21: The new Moon in Taurus encourages you to decide, once and for all, what you really want for yourself — and then to go for it!

April 22, 24, 29: The Sun partners, respectively, with Neptune, Mars and Pluto to help you discover a balance between fostering your and achieving tangible results.

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