Unseen and Dreamy Splashed Down: A Neptune in Pisces Survival Guide

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Neptune News

A few weeks ago the Neptune ruler of all things intuitive, unseen and dreamy splashed down into his home pond of Pisces. Life on Earth may be taking unexpected even slippery twist and turns for even the most solid persons.

How do we navigate this wondrous yet unfathomable world?  There’s no one answer. Here’s a few I’ll throw on the wall and see which sticks for you. You may notice they sound contradictory that is characteristic of  the  sign Pisces represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions.

Neptune In Pisces Survival Tips

  • Let go and let God, Goddess or the Divine Being of your choice.
  • Pay attention to everyday details of life to ground and orient yourself in the vast swirl the dream world we are swimming in.
  • Treat everything as if it is a dream.
  • Honor creative urges you what you make may be just what someone else needs.
  • Learn new skills Music, film and Photography are highlighted. Don’t short change writing poetry and swimming.
  • Healing elixirs and forms of fluid potions are available and can work better then ever before.
  • Choose solitude over loneliness mediation may be calling.
  • Crate your own mediation practice to assert your individuality.
  • Remember we are all swimming in the same ocean.

I write a daily blog which is usually a poem and photo (very Neptunium) Today  as a thank you for visiting  Carolisle I am giving you your own Light Words  Enjoy

Where does magic live

and Fairies and all things small

and trembling, twitching, twirling?

In the space between

heat beats, wick and flame,

stone and water,

sending and receiving,

waiting and now.

Feel free to add your own spaces between.


  1. Dear Carol–I enjoy your “Light Words” blog so much! Today I especially enjoyed your poem! Thank you so much for putting out these de-light-full tidbits into the ether. . . on so many levels.
    Love, Susan

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