Stars Light Up the Night Sky Venus Joins Jupiter



STAR NEWS Venus conjunct Jupiter During the middle days of March

Presents a beautiful sight in the early evening sky and a lovely time to socialize and indulge.

“Do what needs To be done and check to see if it is not impossible only after you are done.” Paul Hawkins

“On the Equinox March19th 10:15 pm PST the Sun joins this dynamic duo Uranus and Mercury,to light and intensifies the need for intellectual freedom as it simultaneously amplifies the need for personal freedom. Be prepared to move, quickly, in all areas of your life, and let stagnation become a thing of the past.The purely creative beauty of the week is a Grand Trine between Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto, all in Earth Signs and all coalescing into a benign configuration that supports the potential to manifest the heart’s desire.Venus, the goddess of love and beauty,is already forming a perfect union with Jupiter, the planet of expansion; both are conjunct in Taurus, where they are happily fostering harmonious environments and joyous attitudes. The benefits of this radiant coupling are amplified by their trine to Mars, in Virgo, a positive combination that supports artistic endeavors.Despite the Mars Retrograde signature, which could signify a delay in the actualization of creative efforts, the entire configuration indicates the potential for success.But that’s not all. Venus, Jupiter and Mars also trine Pluto, in Capricorn, and that’s what super-charges the entire bundle. Pluto supplies the extraordinary power to tackle big plans and projects, and its presence makes possible all sorts of success.Use this beneficent Grand Trine to visualize joy, yours or others, and don’t despair if it takes more than a moment to actualize those visions. This Grand Trine is in Earth, the astrological element that persists in its endeavors until the mission is accomplished.” Weekly Frequency By Ralfi Finn

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